Three Things Thursday: Bits & Pieces

  1. I walked into a spider web while leaving the house this morning. It’s finally (FINALLY!) sunny and warm in Portland and the local arachnids are taking advantage of that by being gigantic and trying to catch humans before they’ve had too much coffee. I sincerely hope the man walking his dog enjoyed the dance I did.


  1. Someone stole a package off our front porch last night. A neighbor reported that a van with Washington plates stopped, someone got out & ran up to the front door, stole my Amazon package, and left a bag of garbage in its place. First of all, why leave a bag of garbage in its place? That’s ridiculous. You’re already being a thieving douchebag by stealing, do you have to compound your douchery? Really? Secondly, have fun with my lactaid and make-up application sponges.


  1. You know what the biggest problem with me being not at home eleven hours/day is? I’m really seeing the effects of not taking my five-minute breaks to do household chores. BREAK! Empty the dishwasher. BREAK! Switch the laundry. BREAK! Scrub the toilet. Unfortunately, we have not stopped eating (thereby dirtying the dishes) or wearing clothes (still have laundry!). This, even more than the lack of commitment my body has to getting up early to write, is irritating me.

I googled “filthy kitchen” so I could be melodramatic about the state of my kitchen, and after I came back out from under my desk, I decided to google “spotless kitchen” instead. YOU’RE WELCOME.


This weekend, I will be introducing my son to “bathroom cleaning” techniques. His reward for learning how to effectively clean up after himself? I’m gonna let him help me plant the garden. (He’s a well-known plant tickler…it’s gonna be great.)

Alvie from 2 years ago watering the plants after giving them a good tickle.

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