Writerly Wednesday: The Waning Moon Edits

I’ve been reviewing the edits I’ve gotten back, and I am pleased. PLEASED! She deleted zero deaths (that I’ve noticed so far…*side eyes*).

What I’m not pleased about? My continued inability to drag my worthless carcass out of bed at a reasonable hour (a reasonable hour in this case is 5:45 am, which is my current alarm time). This morning, since I didn’t have a Bean to ready, I didn’t get up until 6:30! (And, since I’d neglected to make coffee and prep my breakfast/lunch/ootd last night, I had no coffee, no breakfast, and couldn’t find my pants.) (I eventually found my pants. I don’t want you to think that I went to work pants-less.)

Part of the problem is that I’m still staying awake too late. Even when I do get said worthless carcass into bed at a reasonable hour, I’m not shutting down soon enough. I’ve seen midnight more times than is reasonable. I’m going to have to start listening to my “go-to-sleep” meditation which has a 95% success rate of knocking me out in less than the 12 minutes it plays. My hangup? (And this is weird, maybe…) I feel awkward listening to my sleep meditation when there’s another person who can also hear it. BUT! Sleep and the ability to get up in the morning probably supersede the mild awkward I feel (and I’m almost 100% positive the Beer Guy isn’t going to be fussed if I play a quiet 12 minute meditation every night).

BACK TO THE WANING MOON and all things Eleanor. I plan on spending Thursday-Sunday on the first half of the book and next week on the second half. The following week will be working on the bigger issues I need to fix before sending it back to my editor for a final pass.

I’m working on re-outlining Book Three (title reveal in my May newsletter, along with chapter 3 of Raj’s story AND a beer review by Eleanor-sign up in the sidebar and get immediate-esque access to chapters one & two of Raj’s story) and plan on having that to my editor (after I check with her for availability) in mid-July.

The one thing still missing from this equation? Writing. I’m doing a lot of rewriting, and edits, and I’ll be writing new scenes for Book 3, but I’m anxious to get started with a blank page. I’ve outlined a new book in a new world, but for some reason decided that I needed a project that would require reams of research…I’ve started that process, too. (Stay Tuned for more information!)

Happy hump day, everyone! (Don’t forget, The Cardinal Gate is available on Amazon in ebook, paperback, and Kindle Unlimited – get your copy today!)

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