As I was waiting at the MAX stop this morning, a man on a bicycle rode up. I noticed him right away for his…unique…outfit.

Black baggy shorts.

Brown, short-sleeved button-down shirt.

White knee socks.

Black sneakers.

Fanny pack.

Messenger bag.

iPhone in a holster with large, large headphones (not earbuds at all – the kind you see in recording studios!)

Did I mention the fanny pack?

I was, admittedly, staring. And then – I saw it.

A bug dropped from his shorts. It looked like a roach.

I was a little squicked out, but then who hasn’t randomly discovered a bug on themselves? Just last weekend, I was chasing an  escaped cat around my house & ran through a web. I was covered in sticky webs & tiny carcasses, but didn’t see the actual spider. Until a few hours later when I found it drowned in my cleavage (it was a hot day & I was sweaty glistening) – so I know that sometimes bugs happen.

But then – there was another! Another roach-like thing dropped from his shorts.

And I know you’re thinking what I’m thinking:

Order of Taraka, right?

I’m sure we all went to the same place there.

I wasn’t sure who he’d been sent to assassinate, so I just stayed away. Also because dude had bugs falling out of his pants. That is just not healthy.


As I was looking for the Norman Pfister (above) image on the interwebs, I did find a lot of other, nicer images of the cast of Buffy. So, I’ll leave you with a much, much nicer one.

Much nicer.


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