Spider peas, spider peas

Do whatever the spiders please…..

So – you all may or may not remember that the spiders are out to get me. I myself had almost started to believe that their (probably entirely justified) vendetta against me had ended. But alas! They were just dormant for the winter.

A couple of weekends ago (it has taken me this long to stop shaking in the fetal position and tell this story), I was planting peas. As one does in the spring. I had saved seeds from last year, dried them appropriately, and stored them in a cool dry place (I am not a novice seed saver).

I pulled the peas out a couple days before planting & sat them on the dining room table (this may NOT be as one does), and noticed that a couple of them looked…funny. A few had tiny little holes in them.

“Hmmm….” I thought to myself. “That’s odd – I’ve never seen that before.”

And then I dismissed it from my mind. On the appointed day, I went out to plant my peas. I noticed that the majority of the peas had one tiny hole. It was odd. I remember hoping that they were still good, as I didn’t want to buy peas to plant.

As I got to the bottom of my seed cup, I saw something moving.

A lot of somethings moving.

THE CUP WAS FULL OF TINY SPIDERS. Tiny spiders which I can only assume had recently hatched out of the peas and come out of the tiny holes. The spider-filled peas had lived on my dining room table for THREE DAYS. They could be anywhere. They could be EVERYWHERE!

I will admit that I did fling the cup with remaining peas under the hydrangea, so I will either have a strangely placed pea crop, or a scarily-placed spider crop.

Also – most of the pea seeds that had been planted crawled out of the soil ON THEIR OWN and did not stay under the dirt. And as yet, no peas have popped up. I’m pretty sure I need to replant, but am a little afraid that I will disturb my bumper spider crop, and do not need another reason for the arachnids of the world to hate me.

Also, SPIDER PEAS! BLECH. (Surprisingly, google images doesn’t have much to represent what I think will grow out of the ground – apparently there is not a spider pea epidemic, which is a very good thing.)

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