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New Year’s Resolutions – The Year of the Phoenix (Cissell I)

What’s that? It’s not the new year?

Well it is for me. So there, motherfuckers! Don’t be a hater!

That was probably a little harsh, but I’m ready for a blank slate (no slate can be perfectly blank, I realize that) and I have some goals for the next 12 months.

Henceforth, 8/15 will be known as the beginning of the Cissell Year, a new reckoning of time that will, no doubt, become a reliable astrological something or other.

So, in The Year of the Phoenix (Cissell I), I am going to work on the following 12 things – 1 thing for every month in the year. The theme, based on the fact that it’s The Year of the Phoenix (Cissell I) is rebirth and growth.

I am going to need some help to achieve all the goals, but I am feeling so freaking positive right now, it’s ridiculous.

  1. Feel comfortable in new job by my birthday (2/24 in case you need time to plan your celebratory activities)
  2. Publish five books & 1 novella by the end of the Year (8/14/19)
  3. Find three new clients for the editing business I share with the Beer Guy
  4. Get married
  5. Have the most awesome honeymoon ever
  6. Find a physical activity I super enjoy and do it regularly for fun (preferably trail running)
  7. Develop a regular at-home yoga practice
  8. Stay meds compliant. I’ve never managed to be compliant for more than 6-8 months. I’m currently, as of New Year’s Day, five months in on my current medication. There will be the added challenge of switching providers and insurance.
  9. Find two really good pairs of jeans.
  10. Learn to appreciate massages.
  11. Become more comfortable with self promotion (preorder Oracle Bay #1! Buy sale copies of Eleanor Morgan paperbacks!)
  12. Develop an elaborate framework for the Cissell calendar and Cissell astrology.


Do you have any


Happy New Year!

So I’m a little bit late. Twenty-one days late to be precise (and I love being precise).

The last 21 days have been a bit on the rough side for reasons that I’m not planning on sharing with the world at this point in time (vague blogging!). I logged into ye olde blogge several times to write a post, stared at a blank screen for a while, and then logged out.

This has also been my approach to writing and eating and exercising. I’ve spent more time staring at blank screens and into the depths of my fridge and at my running shoes in the last few weeks than actually doing anything productive and useful. At all. I’ve run once this month. I yoga’d once. I’ve written less than 2000 words. I’ve eaten very little and when I do eat, I’m eating crap. I’m also barely sleeping and all of this is not surprisingly making me feel terrible!

So why did I break three weeks of blog silence to whinge at you internets?

Because I wanted to remind myself (and you, too, I guess…in case you care) that this is the #yearofme and dammit, just because things are stressful doesn’t mean I shouldn’t take care of myself. There’s only so long I can eat my feelings before those feelings start to become who I am instead of a temporary state of being.

So it’s time to revisit my #yearofme goals.

  1. More sleep
  2. More writing
  3. More movement
  4. More job satisfaction – things are actually, maybe, just possibly looking up here

Awesome might be a bit strong.

Bonus mini goals

  1. More water
  2. More gin
  3. More love
  4. More laughter
  5. More time outdoors with the Bean
  6. More unicorns
  7. More letting shit go
  8. More reading
  9. More cheese
  10. More beer & cribbage nights

I am ready to pull myself out of the self-pitying funk I’ve been in. Sometimes life is hard and adulting is less desirable than building a pillow fort and hiding with a few books and a bottle of gin, but I am a strong, capable woman who has the power to make my own life as awesome as I want it. I can’t won’t sit around waiting for my fairy godmother to show up and *poof* my life more fantastic.

Although that does look worth a shot at least. (Get it? Worth a SHOT?? I slay me.)

I’m sure I’ll still have moments or days or maybe a week of self-pity here and there, but I swear on the life on my second-born child (I do not have a second born, nor will I ever…just to quell any rumors that phrase might inadvertently start), I am going to start taking care of myself and that is going to make all the difference.


My strategy is to give zero fucks and just do what I want.



Also chocolate milk.

mmmm…the best use of chocolate ever.

Friday Firsts

Today saw a number of FIRSTS – as is appropriate for the first Friday in 2009.

Today was much better than yesterday with one small exception – I woke up to more SNOW! But, I got out of bed & put on my running clothes anyway. I had coffee (yum) and made oatmeal. On the stove. With non quick cook oats. And it was good! I can’t do that meal on work days, because I often don’t eat breakfast until I get to work (I hit the gym earlier than I can make my body want food), and I don’t have a stove & dedicated fridge at work). But, it was the FIRST time I’d made stovetop oatmeal (although not likely the first time I’ve eaten stovetop oatmeal). And it was good.

But I foresee delicious oatmeal three days a week, at least. I made it with half water & half vanilla soymilk then stirred in some peanut butter & apple butter – and sprinkled with cinnamon & sugar. SO DELICIOUS!

After I had digested my breakfast & girded my loins, I headed out for my run. In order to get my 20 mile week, I needed to run 8 miles between today & tomorrow (since I did NOT run yesterday- and instead hit the elliptical for an hour instead). I had the vague goal that I would try for slightly more than half of the 8 miles – 4.5 or so.

That was some hard running. It was so beautiful out – the sun was shining, the sky was blue, the world was blanketed with snow. Snow, which covered the sidewalks. Snow, that made slush on the roads. Snow that was wet, wet, wet. And it was the FIRST time I’ve run six miles on a Friday. Ever in my life. In fact, Saturday/Sunday has always been long run days, and long runs have always been anything over 4 miles. So – my definitions of long are obviously changing – which is good, what with that upcoming marathon & everything.

I had to stop every mile to walk for a minute, running in the slush & ice & snow was hard on the ankles –I think I worked extra hard just maintaining my balance (which isn’t that good to begin with).

But – I ended up running six. (And my socks & shoes were soaked when I got home!) So – tomorrow, I’ll go for a quickie little 2 miler with the architect (I can always talk him into running with me when it’s 3 miles or less; much like he could talk me into cycling with him if it was under 20 miles).

And I feel good now, many hours later. I’m not taking the pain pills every day anymore – just on running days, and that seems to be working pretty well.

The rest of the day has been busy with errands. I took my shoes to a shore repair place. I returned the first dress I purchased for the holiday party that wasn’t. I picked up a couple of things at Target.

Oh, yeah – and I did this:

I donated one foot of hair to Lock of Love. It’s the FIRST time I’ve cut off a foot of hair. It’s the FIRST time I’ve cut my hair since 2007. It’s the FIRST time that my neck has been cold because of lack of hair.

As I’m writing this (in a bar, waiting for a friend – a bar without wireless, so I can’t upload until I’m home), the architect has not yet seen it, so I’m not sure if we’re divorced or not. Hopefully not. This is short. Possibly shorter than I’ve ever had it since I was 8 or something. It was scary. Very, very scary.

Tell me internets (and yes, I’m shamelessly trolling for compliments, likely not the FIRST time), do you like it?

Finally, I want to wish Carolina John & his wife best of luck on their FIRST half marathon tomorrow. I know that they’ll rock that thing!