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Progress has been made

The Beer Guy and I had our first kid-free and healthy weekend since beginning our cohabitation. We celebrated by attempting to turn our place from a set for Hoarders into comfortable, livable space.

Stuff that needed to go in storage made it’s way up into the attic. My rug that’s been rolled up on the floor of Bean’s room was taken out and now graces our living room. I got rid of the extra boxes and other random crap in the kid’s room and put everything away.

A home was found for the clothes that didn’t fit into my new dresser space. (Some of those clothes went to live at Goodwill.)

There are no longer boxes of stuff randomly scattered around the house!

We have a little ways to go in our office space yet – my books are all unpacked and double-stacked on the shelves, but that’s the room that’s the least far along.

Everything is coming together and it’s starting to feel more like “our” home and less like I’m a visitor here for an extended stay. I still feel tentative about putting things away, but I’m working through that.

Most importantly, however, is that while we were moving stuff around in the attic, two (seriously, TWO!) unicorn drinking horns were found.

This is good news because (a) my unicorn birthday piñata was missing a horn and the previous solution, come up with by two of my good friends, was to use a dildo and now I don’t have to go dildo shopping! and also (b) because the beer guy had two unicorn drinking horns, and obviously that means that he has awesome friends who give amusing gifts.


(Eleven days until my birthday!)


As for my weekly goals – let’s check it out!


  1. Move 5 times – I walked on Tuesday and ran on Wednesday and spent Saturday & Sunday moving heavy things…not my five days of exercise yet, but getting there.
  2. Fruit every day- epic fail. I don’t know what happened to me last week. I didn’t eat much of anything during the day TBH. This is a thing that happens to me when I get too stressed.
  3. Lunch every day – Yeah. See #2.
  4. Water at all times – I did pretty good with this! I unearthed my soda stream and got through at least a liter of fizzy water/day, plus additional glasses of still water
  5. MOAR veggies – again. #2


I’m going to keep on keeping on with these until I feel comfortable that I’m consistent (and then I’ll set new goals).

  1. Move x5 – (Monday: walk/run, Tuesday: yoga, Wednesday: walk/run, Thursday: swim, Friday: walk/run, Sat: rest or yoga, Sun: rest or yoga)
  2. Fruit every day
  3. Lunch every day – already lunched today! This would be better if I’d also breakfasted. Baby steps.
  4. Water at all times
  5. MOAR veggies


My kid is so presidential

Over the weekend, Alvie Bean and I did a lot of cooking. We made waffles, and a frittata, and homemade bread. When he was breaking the eggs (his favorite part of cooking), he said, “I am the best at breaking eggs. No one breaks eggs better than me.”

That same day, he presented some #altfacts about how clean his room was.

Last night, he tried to convince the beer guy that he (Bean) had made the bread all by himself with no assistance from me.

In addition, when he’s tired or hungry, he gets very cranky. Cranky enough to hang up on other heads of state, I imagine. Certainly cranky enough to tell everyone who thwarts his plans or offers a differing (i.e. factual) account of events that “they’re rude and no longer invited to his birthday.”

Living with a tiny presidential figure can be exhausting. The one saving grace from all this is that he’s a very nice kid (as long as he’s not hungry or tired). He has taken it on himself to monitor the cats’ water supply, checks on Mr. Fish a lot, and never hesitates with a compliment. (Also, his hands are totally normal-sized for a 4.5-year-old.)

Today, my Bean is mildly sick. Low-grade fever, headache, chest ache, and general malaise sporadically interrupted by bursts of energy and the desire to velcro himself to specifically when I’m hitting “send” on a job application.


I have an update on the first week of my renewed “take care of Amy” plans announced last week.

Health Goals: 1/30 – 2/5

  1. 30 minutes of movement x 5 (yoga, walking, swimming) – I ended up getting sick. AGAIN. I did short bursts of activity most days (unpacking books, rearranging the new office space), but no real exercise. The plan for today was to go for a walk/run, but I’m home with Mr. Sickie, so I might be SOL unless I can sneak in a walk when the beer guy gets home.)
  2. A fruit with breakfast every day (done for today!) – 75% success! I forgot over the weekend. You know, the days that I was supposed to be modeling good eating behavior for the kid.
  3. Eat lunch every day – 6/7 success!
  4. Stay hydrated! Glass of water on hand at all times. – success! I drank all the water this week.
  5. MOAR veggies (at least 2 servings/day) – meh. I need to do better.
  6. Bonus: no arguing with racists on the internet (unless they start it) – mostly success. 😀

I’m going to go ahead and redo those goals for this week.

  1. Move (Tuesday: swim, Wednesday: walk/run, Thursday: swim, Friday: walk/run, Sat: rest or yoga, Sun: walk/run)
  2. Fruit every day
  3. Lunch every day
  4. Water at all times
  5. MOAR veggies

(18 days until my birthday!)


Three Things Thursday – Healthy Living Edition

  1. Since last I mentioned that I’d shifted my mindset from making goals to living my life like a Nike slogan, things have been looking (mostly) up. I’ve increased my steps per day, I’ve hit my minimum of 250 steps/hour goal more times, and I’m logging movement a lot more often. What I’m not doing is putting this all in a spreadsheet and agonizing over percent increases and averages and whether or not today’s efforts will alter what I need to do tomorrow. So yay! for more movement and less spreadsheet OCD.
I think I deserve five gold stars for NOT spreadsheeting this...

I think I deserve five gold stars for NOT spreadsheeting my movement. *****

  1. I have been making a huge effort to have healthier eating patterns. I do not actually like to eat most of the time. My number one reason for wanting to be a vampire is so that most of my bodily functions would cease. My least favorite function (besides the fact that my nails and body hair JUST KEEP GROWING MY GOD WHY WON’T IT STOP!) is the digestive system. I asked my PSM earlier if she thought I could subsist on a 95% liquid/5% cheese-based diet, but she didn’t think that would improve my opinion of my digestive system. She’s probably right. So anyway – I’ve been trying to get in more fruits and vegetables and whole grains and a little bit less melted cheese and fermented grains and fruit. You know what? I’m sure this is healthier, but my body sure isn’t digging this sudden change.
How do I not have these socks already?

How do I not have these socks already?


  1. Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard of Pokemon Go, I’m sure. I’m not usually an early adopter of such things because they are a little silly. I am, however, very susceptible to peer pressure and I was getting tired of taking care of my imaginary animated cats in the Neko Atsume game, so I thought I might as well venture forth and look for imaginary animated creatures in the great outdoors. I’m not quite sure how I feel about it, but I have captured a half-dozen Pokemon creatures and gotten in a lot more steps (and earned the jealousy of my four-year-old who doesn’t understand why I won’t buy him Pokemon cards when I’m playing Pokemon without him. #parentingwin)


Three (3!) Things Thursday – Pants on Fire Edition

1. Remember when I said on *checks calendar* that I was going to do a book review on Wednesday and one on Friday? Did you enjoy yesterday’s review? You did not? Because it wasn’t there? Yeah. About that…so I have pneumonia. Which is not the bronchitis I was afraid I had at this point last week. It’s been making it difficult to wake up in the morning because my body thinks sleep is more important than waking early to write. (It also thinks not coughing is more important than exercising, something I am supporting.)

This is how I feel now.

This is how I feel now.

2. Speaking of writing, I had promised to finish the draft of the novel I’m working on by the end of the month. I have written approximately 1300 words in the last week (damn you, pneumonia! and double damn to Alvie’s ear infection). That is not enough to finish this. I’m going to have to push hard over the next 9 days to make my goal.

Day 004

The writing cave

3. The five point action plan I mentioned last week? The one with breakfast and lunch and no wine for dinner? That’s been going quite well! Go me! The activity levels need to be bumped up, but as soon as I can hit a brisk walk without coughing up a lunch, I feel that I’ll be doing well. I have a 5K April 4, my first outdoor triathlon (sprint!) on 5/9, and an Olympic tri on June 7. I also need to run a 10K at some point in April. The one thing that all of these races have in common? Every single one has a medal for all finishers.

I only race for medals.

I only race for medals.

If crazy is a state of mind, then sanity is a body in state

I do this a lot, don’t I? Write a rather revealing and/or depressing post and then go off to let you all stew on that for awhile.

I am still doing well. Things are holding up. Today, I was walking through the halls as I was leaving work, and I looked outside – into the gray and the gloom and the wind. I looked back and a woman scowled at me. My first thought was, “hey! what’s her problem?” And then – I smiled. Because no November storm or scowly doctor can get me down.

I am happy. Not perfectly, and not always. But enough for now.

And now that I’ve gotten to “happy-ish,” I can work on a few other things. Things like “taking care of myself.”

Because internets – I have not been doing so well. My diet has been crap. My activity level has been less than crap. And I know that two of the key ingredients for getting me off the meds 10 years ago was switching to a wicked healthy diet and becoming a person who exercises. On purpose. For fun.

And so – that is where I need to go next. I signed up for the 2012 Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge that Amanda from Run to the Finish hosts every year. (This year it’s super fancy! I didn’t do it last year because I was pregnant. I didn’t do it the year before because of foot surgery. She’s gotten so fancified since 2009!)

This means I need to start having training goals again – and to hold myself accountable for those goals.

I am going to document every workout for the challenge, and my plan is to slowly up my workouts until I’m hitting 5-6 days/week by the end of the year.

I’ll be working more after Thanksgiving, so it will be a job of work to keep myself on task.

However – the bigger challenge will be food.

More fruits. More veg. More water. Less frozen pizza.

Healthy gazelles = happy mommies. And I think we can all agree a healthy, happy mama is a good thing.

I want Alvie to remember that, and not a sadsack mama eating pizza and ice cream (I don’t eat much ice cream, sadly I’m lactose intolerant), because man, they grow up fast.