If crazy is a state of mind, then sanity is a body in state

I do this a lot, don’t I? Write a rather revealing and/or depressing post and then go off to let you all stew on that for awhile.

I am still doing well. Things are holding up. Today, I was walking through the halls as I was leaving work, and I looked outside – into the gray and the gloom and the wind. I looked back and a woman scowled at me. My first thought was, “hey! what’s her problem?” And then – I smiled. Because no November storm or scowly doctor can get me down.

I am happy. Not perfectly, and not always. But enough for now.

And now that I’ve gotten to “happy-ish,” I can work on a few other things. Things like “taking care of myself.”

Because internets – I have not been doing so well. My diet has been crap. My activity level has been less than crap. And I know that two of the key ingredients for getting me off the meds 10 years ago was switching to a wicked healthy diet and becoming a person who exercises. On purpose. For fun.

And so – that is where I need to go next. I signed up for the 2012 Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge that Amanda from Run to the Finish hosts every year. (This year it’s super fancy! I didn’t do it last year because I was pregnant. I didn’t do it the year before because of foot surgery. She’s gotten so fancified since 2009!)

This means I need to start having training goals again – and to hold myself accountable for those goals.

I am going to document every workout for the challenge, and my plan is to slowly up my workouts until I’m hitting 5-6 days/week by the end of the year.

I’ll be working more after Thanksgiving, so it will be a job of work to keep myself on task.

However – the bigger challenge will be food.

More fruits. More veg. More water. Less frozen pizza.

Healthy gazelles = happy mommies. And I think we can all agree a healthy, happy mama is a good thing.

I want Alvie to remember that, and not a sadsack mama eating pizza and ice cream (I don’t eat much ice cream, sadly I’m lactose intolerant), because man, they grow up fast.

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