Three Things Thursday – Healthy Living Edition

  1. Since last I mentioned that I’d shifted my mindset from making goals to living my life like a Nike slogan, things have been looking (mostly) up. I’ve increased my steps per day, I’ve hit my minimum of 250 steps/hour goal more times, and I’m logging movement a lot more often. What I’m not doing is putting this all in a spreadsheet and agonizing over percent increases and averages and whether or not today’s efforts will alter what I need to do tomorrow. So yay! for more movement and less spreadsheet OCD.
I think I deserve five gold stars for NOT spreadsheeting this...

I think I deserve five gold stars for NOT spreadsheeting my movement. *****

  1. I have been making a huge effort to have healthier eating patterns. I do not actually like to eat most of the time. My number one reason for wanting to be a vampire is so that most of my bodily functions would cease. My least favorite function (besides the fact that my nails and body hair JUST KEEP GROWING MY GOD WHY WON’T IT STOP!) is the digestive system. I asked my PSM earlier if she thought I could subsist on a 95% liquid/5% cheese-based diet, but she didn’t think that would improve my opinion of my digestive system. She’s probably right. So anyway – I’ve been trying to get in more fruits and vegetables and whole grains and a little bit less melted cheese and fermented grains and fruit. You know what? I’m sure this is healthier, but my body sure isn’t digging this sudden change.
How do I not have these socks already?

How do I not have these socks already?


  1. Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard of Pokemon Go, I’m sure. I’m not usually an early adopter of such things because they are a little silly. I am, however, very susceptible to peer pressure and I was getting tired of taking care of my imaginary animated cats in the Neko Atsume game, so I thought I might as well venture forth and look for imaginary animated creatures in the great outdoors. I’m not quite sure how I feel about it, but I have captured a half-dozen Pokemon creatures and gotten in a lot more steps (and earned the jealousy of my four-year-old who doesn’t understand why I won’t buy him Pokemon cards when I’m playing Pokemon without him. #parentingwin)


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