Moving Right Along

Just over a month ago, I set some goals for the next 30 days…in the interests of honesty, transparency, accountability, and the desire to have something to blog about, I’m reporting in.

The goals:

  1. Write work to-do list and cross off everything that’s feasible; procrastination is not a reasonable excuse – I’ve made excellent progress on this. I’m whittling away at my work to do list, and it’s looking more reasonable and less terrifying!
  2. 30-45 minutes walks every day/evening I don’t have my Bean. That means tonight, tomorrow night, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (I have him 7 nights of every 14, in a 5 on/5 off; 2 on/2 off schedule). Try to do something active on weekends when I do have Bean. – This has been hit or miss, but definitely better over the last couple of weeks. I’ve been hitting my step goals way more often than not and have been walking on the trails at work once/week.
  3. Bed by 11 on school nights. No excuses. No watching Criminal Minds on the kid’s iPad in bed. That’s cheating and doesn’t help with the insomnia. – FAIL! I’m definitely still up after 11 most of the time, although my insomnia isn’t nearly as bad as it was earlier this year.
  4. Stop hitting snooze. Once you’re up with the alarm, start moving wake-up earlier. – Yeah. No. See #3.
  5. Start writing again. – I’ve done more blog posts and was on a really good writing roll at the end of June/beginning of July. Sadly, that’s slacked off again. I am recommitting to getting better with that starting today.


Goals for the next 30ish days:

  1. Bedtime. For real. Eleven PM.
  2. Wake up time. For real. Six AM.
  3. Blogging – 3x/week (include a minimum of two book reports/month)
  4. Writing – 750 words/day MINIMUM. (I prefer 1000). I promised my platonic soul mate and first reader that I’d finish my current WIP by the time I leave for South Dakota (2.5 weeks – eminently doable) so that I could start edits on the second book in the other series (she’s read the first). I will send that book to my PSM by 9/19, so help me Freya.
  5. Keep up with the walking and maybe go just a little bit further.


The Gentlemen Approve

The Gentlemen Approve


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