Marathon Training – Day 3

I’m not REALLY marathon training yet. That would be crazy. I’m in the lead-up period to marathon training. Technically, I’m 5K training right now. In a couple weeks, I’ll start 10K training. Immediately after 10K, I start half marathon training. THEN and only then, will I start the marathon training. Forty weeks of marathon training would be crazy. This is not crazy.


Today was day 3 of my base-building (we’ll call it that because it sounds fancy). I had to switch out my weight training day this week from Monday to Wednesday (Wednesday is usually rest day) and almost talked myself into skipping today, too, because I’d forgotten to pack socks. I hate not wearing socks to work out.

BUT – it turns out that the hospital gift shop sells skull socks. Which, after deep contemplation, seems a wee bit awesome/wrong.

2015-09-16 11.58.14

So, I went. I strength trained.

If I can sit and stand without crying tomorrow, it will be a miracle.


Hat tip to Elizabeth!

If I can laugh without wincing, I will give thanks to Thor, god of my thunder thighs.

thunder thighs

Tomorrow’s run should feel amazing…

I'll have to wear this shirt tomorrow just to get through my 2 miler

I’ll have to wear this shirt tomorrow just to get through my 2 miler


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