Three (3!) Things Thursday – Dude, Where’s my Car?

2015-09-17 06.27.25

  1. Yesterday was the first day of me giving up my two grand a year parking spot at work. I did a cost benefit analysis (because that’s how I make decisions…seriously…all decisions need a spreadsheet workover) and determined that even if I still continued to drive and pay for parking twice a week, I would save a significant amount. Even if I drove the four days a week that I typically drive (and counting holidays and vacation days), I would save a small amount. A new light rail line has opened here in Portland and it has a stop even closer to my work than the parking lot that I was paying two freaking thousand dollars a year to park in. (The rates had jumped way up about a year ago, and I never really did the math…when I did, I was sad. It’s not like I live in Brooklyn or something. #psm)
    ANYWAY – new light rail line, blah blah blah. Where was I?
    Oh yes….I drove my car about four miles down the road to the nearest light rail station and parked.
  2. I took the MAX to work. It was about an hour from leaving home to arriving at my desk. That was a time difference of +10 minutes. A mileage on my car difference of -14 miles (theoretically, but I’ll get to that). I had plans last night with the local chapter of my secret society of warrior women (#bawgs!) so I took the bus! With the medication I’m on, I cannae drive after even one solitary drink, so busing to the bar and Uber-ing home seemed a good plan. Because she is awesome, and even though it was crazy out of the way, my sister-wife drove me home. Which was great. Now there’s just one tiny problem.
  3. I have a dentist appointment this morning fairly far away. I have no car, because, as you remember, mine is four miles away at the light rail station. I feel like I should run there or something, even though I only have two miles on the schedule today, but it’s pouring rain and I will not have time to shower and change after the dentist. Also, I’m almost positive that carrying my business casual in a tiny backpack as I run through the pouring rain would mean that I would be going for a sweaty, drowned rat, slightly damp attire, chic… Here’s hoping Uber has a car in the hood in about 45 minutes or it’s going to be an interesting morning.

I am, however – transportation problems aside – VERY happy that it’s Thursday…

2015-09-17 06.26.57


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