Happy 2015!!

You guys! It’s January 1, 2015. I had some great goals for the past year and want to share how that went.

  1. Be a hermit – SUCCESS! I was definitely a bit of a homebody this year
  2. But not too much – SUCCESS! I didn’t always stay in, so that was good
  3. Edit book 1 in the series – half SUCCESS! I made a good start, but have a ways to go
  4. End the year lighter than I started it – SUCCESS!
  5. Enjoy the moments – SUCCESS! For the most part, anyway!
  6. Get something published for money – fail…I did get rejected, though, so that means that I tried!
  7. Get to Mordor – not quite – but I made it 1350 miles!
  8. Learn a new skill – hmmm…I don’t know if it’s NEW, but I really feel like I did a lot of new things
  9. Make a new friend – SUCCESS! Not only did I fall in with the most awesome online tribe of women (BAWG!), one of whom I even got to meet IRL, I also made two new local friends (BAT writers!)
  10. No unjustifiable purchases (do I need it, how will I feel about this purchase in 1 week/month/year?) – ehhhh…this could be better.
  11. Read 125 new books – SUCCESS! I read 134 new books (does not count re-reads…maybe I’ll count those this year and see how many that is…)
  12. Run for fun – half SUCCESS! I had a rough year with the running, but I had some wonderfully fun trail runs in February and March.
  13. Start six new, good habits – ehhh…I decided that this is too specific to be successful. I’m mostly good.
  14. Write book 2 in the series – SUCCESS! I finished the second book over the summer.

My bonus resolution was to develop a taste for Irish whiskey. Although I wouldn’t call this an unmitigated success, I no longer make this face when drinking my Tullamore Dew:

buffy whiskey

And now – with that awesome year drawing to a close, what kind of crazy shenanigans am I going to get up to this year?

  1. Blog more.
  2. Finish book the third
  3. Edit (for realsies) book the first
  4. Do better at sticking to the budget
  5. Exercise more
  6. Meal plan more
  8. Read 150 new books
  9. Remember to enjoy the journey
  10. Learn better ways to manage work stress (meditation? yoga butt?)
  11. Get the rest of the way to Mordor and a good portion of the way back home


I’m very excited for this year. I have one big goal (that relates to goals 5 & 9) in 254 days. It’s going to be a lot of work but will end up being completely awesome. In the meantime, I’m going to spend a lot of time channeling my inner badass.

Fucking Valkyrie Ice Queen

I might even have to borrow Alvie’s sword.

He looks very goal oriented, doesn't he?

He looks very goal oriented, doesn’t he?

HAPPY 2015!

I’m wishing everyone a year full of fabulousness.

This is what I hope my year is like.

This is what I hope my year is like.

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