I originally typed the title as BUSTY! which is also true, but not what I wanted to talk about today.

Today is just a brief update. So much has happened in the last couple of months. I missed the last two letters to Alvie. He is still about, being crazy. He’s made some great life plans. “I’m going to be three and grow a beard. I’m going to be four and go in a plane to visit Papa Howard and Barbara. I’m going to be five and drink a beer in a glass because I will be big.”  Yesterday he added that at ten, he will start drinking coffee. So glad that beer comes first.

He looks very goal oriented, doesn't he?

He looks very goal oriented, doesn’t he?

I bought a new bike. I have named him Millennium Falcon because (a) I am a gigantic dork, (b) my car is Serenity and I like the theme of having my wheeled conveyances be spaceships, (c) he is going to be fast enough to do the Kessel Spice run in under 12 parsecs, and (d) I can abbreviate it to MF and call him a sexy MF.


I got a new tattoo! I do not have a picture of it, and because I am wearing tights and am at work, I am not going to take a picture of it right now. However, here is the drawing of the tattoo before it was on my body.


I won NaNoWriMo for the 2nd year in a row. And have done virtually no writing since the end of November. But that’s okay. I’ll get back to it soon. I love writing, and I have big, big goals for the next couple of years.



I’ve been working my ass off the last month, which is unfortunate because I didn’t have much to begin with. Which is why I declare (I am stealing this from my PSM Cat) 2015 the year of the ass. I am going to yoga until I get a booty and then I will name that booty. (I wanted to name her Brigid, but that’s too close to the name Cat chose for hers, and I don’t want it to seem like I’m SWF-ing her, so Imma gonna go with something else. I haven’t decided yet.) I declared 2014 the Year of the Lady Pirate (reading, rumming, and running) and Cat made that happen with our awesomesauciest reading group in the land.

Next week I’m going to do my best books (that I’ve read) of 2014. As soon as I read the December book club pick (it’s Margaret Atwood, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to make the list). There will have to be several categories.

Anyway – it’s almost the most wonderful day of the year. (Solstice, in case you were wondering. BRING BACK MY SUN, BITCHES!)

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