April 2014 Goals

And on time this month, too!

Let’s take a look at last month.

March 2014 Goals

  1. Write 30,000 words – 70% SUCCESS! I was a bit of a slacker in March and only managed just over 21K words. However, that’s 21K more than I had at the beginning of the month!
  2. Date night with the architect. – 100% SUCCESS! We went out for dinner & drinks on the 22nd. Two months in a row with a baby-sitter? CRAZY!
  3. Run 10 times – 70% SUCCESS! I ran 7 times and logged my highest mileage month since July 2011. In those runs, I had an 11 mile trail run, a post-baby PR in a (faux) 10K, and ran 5 continuous miles without a walk break. I am also 11.45 miles away from besting my 2013 total mileage.
  4. Take the Bean swimming – 0% success. Oops. No swimming for us.
  5. Fun weekend with my mom. – 100% SUCCESS! My mom was in town for a very short visit, but it was good. We had all sorts of fun, and I think she enjoyed seeing the Bean.
  6. Worry less. Still working on how to do this. – 50% SUCCESS. I’m not there yet, but I think I’m making strides. I just need to get out of my own head more.
  7. Get ahead of my to do list at work. – 75% SUCCESS! I was in good shape until last week. Hopefully I’ll get ahead again after this week. This week is going to kick my ass.
  8. Diligently work on my whiskey appreciation plan. – 100% Hmmmm… I don’t know how to gauge this one. I sipped some whiskey once. I did not appreciate it.
  9. Order a gluten free birthday cake for the Bean – NOPE. I am making cupcakes for school (that’s what he asked for). I have to work late on his actual birthday, but we’ll do a little family celebration the weekend after. He’s 2, he won’t know the difference yet this year, right? Plus, who needs cake?
  10. No desserts, sweet coffees, or other extraneous sugars for 30 days. – 87% SUCCESS. I had dessert on St. Patrick’s Day (after my 11 mile trail run), and some grief milkshake on 3/19. And then last week, week o’ stress & PMS, I bought a bar of dark chocolate that I ate over 2 days. Which barely counts. Maybe it’s closer to 90% success?

Another accomplishment: As of today, I have logged 231.72 miles of walking this year. Last year’s total (Jan-Dec) was 223.85. I win! Yay!

April 2014 Goals

  1. Make it to Rivendell on my “Walking to Mordor” adventure.
  2. Have fun 2-year-old birthday shenanigans with Alvie Bean.
  3. Hit the gym for strength training 2 days/week.
  4. Go to all marathon training long runs. All.
  5. 30K new words.
  6. Continue to eschew sugar.
  7. Get the budget done. Make it good. Celebrate.
  8. Garden prep! At least 50%
  9. 11 flights of stairs/day at work.
  10. Keep up with my #100happydays
The halfway point of my 3/17/14 11 mile trail run.

The halfway point of my 3/17/14 11 mile trail run.

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