Five Things Friday – Work is Crazy Edition

  1. I am thisclose to finishing up the main draft of my next fiscal year budget. I may be insane by 4:15 today when I need to leave work, but I will be *fingers crossed* DONE.
  2. Coffee is good. I had lots of coffee today already. EEEEEEE!!!!! Coffee. Sometimes I think coffee is my best friend.
  3. But then I remember wine. Wine is good. Wine is my other best friend. (Would coffee wine be good? Probably not.)
  4. I was working while eating my rather disgusting (but oh-so-satisfying) cafeteria breakfast burrito this morning and accidentally chewed off some of the wrapper and now I have aluminum foil in my teeth. That is NOT good.
  5. This morning, I helped Alvie get dressed and as we were headed downstairs he looked at me, amazement washing across is face, pointed at me and said, “Name mummy!” I said, “Yes indeed, my name is mummy.” He pointed at himself, “Name Lello.” I agreed with him, although his name is not actually Lello, that’s a close enough approximation. We got downstairs, and after some excitement around the concept of cereal and milk, he pointed at the architect and said, “Name Daddy.” You guys, he’s so big now! Where’d my baby go?


Lello (rhymes with yellow)
Lello (rhymes with yellow)

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