Thirteen Things Thursday: Twelve Trivial & One Weighty
Thirteen Things Thursday: Twelve Trivial & One Weighty

Thirteen Things Thursday: Twelve Trivial & One Weighty

  1. I love this time of year. Autumn is where it’s at. Pumpkin spice lattes, red leaves, cool mornings. Love.
  2. Speaking of autumn – I am wearing boots and tights today. Did I mention how much I love this time of year?
  3. If I don’t eat breakfast right away when I get to work, I forget to eat at all. Weird.
  4. I feel like a giant, relatively kind entity is holding my brain. It doesn’t feel squished or compromised; there is no headache. It just feels…touched. I do not like it.
  5. This morning, after feeding the Bean, I went downstairs to get a big cup of coffee and to turn on the heat. Then I collected Alvie and we went and cuddled up with the architect in the big bed. Coffee + the architect + the Bean on a chilly morning = heaven.
  6. October 9 was the 10 year anniversary of the first date between the architect & me. We met online and exchanged emails & phone calls for a couple weeks before meeting up. He told me he was an architect. I didn’t quite believe him. He was. The date was awesome. So far, it seems to be working out okay.
  7. I would kill for a plate of nachos and a super hoppy IPA right about now. Yeah, it’s 10:30 in the morning. Bite me.
  8. I am interested in hearing some suggestions from any working outside the home moms on how they balanced exercise and work with a little guy (or gal). He’s sleeping more now, so we get up about 5:45, eat until 6:30, then I get ready for work and drive off. I pick him up about 5 pm, we go home & nurse, then have dinner, then get ready for bed. Then it’s 7:30 – so I have dinner. Thoughts? Advice? We may be weaning soon, so I guess that will free up my mornings again if the architect can do the early morning feeding.
  9. I love doing reference checks. Is that weird? I also love interviewing (potential employees, not being a potential employee). So much fun, so many possibilities. The only thing that makes me sad is when my first choice candidate is not hired (if I’m not the direct supervisor, I cede my veto rights to their manager, even if my first choice would have been so much fun and we could have hung out and talked about yoga and paranormal fantasy books and gone shopping and why isn’t that the main qualification for the job, OMG?!?) (He was qualified, and was the 2nd candidate, and would have been awesome; I am not a proponent of hiring unqualified people just because they are fun.)
  10. It is now noon, and I still haven’t eaten. WTF? So hungry. Also, I keep getting distracted. Also, no one has brought me nachos yet. I need minions.
  11. Tomorrow is Alvie’s 6-month appointment. I imagine that tomorrow night will be super fun! Any tips on how to make the baby keep the tylenol in their bodies?
  12. Thing #12 is a cute photo of my son, because why not?

13. So – the big 13…I am determined to do something brave next summer (as per my Aggressive Happiness plan), and am wondering – what do you think is brave. My qualifications – it has to be something you actually want to do, but are scared to attempt. For me, that does not include sky diving or anything else that involves plummeting from the sky, a bridge, etc. So tell me – what is YOUR brave thing?



  1. Steph

    Working out for me (pre pregnancy) = a date every night at 8 pm. Even if that means Joe needs to put the Katybug to bed plus a run Saturday morning and interval training on Sunday while the Katybug naps. That way, I don’t feel guilty about being away from the bug and I am able to keep my fitness at a level that I can live with. Yes, I am not running 25 miles a week anymore, but it is a compromise I can live with.

    As for tylenol, I personally would do motrin for the 6 month appointment. It is approved for babies 6 mos + and lasts longer than tylenol.

  2. Agree about ibuprofen. Some recent literature linking Tylenol to asthma. I always premed with ibuprofen on my way to the appointment.

    Brave for me would be public speaking. Yikes.

  3. Cindy

    H didn’t spit it out when I slowly squeezed the syringe into his mouth- he seemed to like the taste which suprised me; if he had spit it out I might squirt it into a little bit of bm/formula in his bottle and let him have at it.

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