Six Months with Alvie Bean

Holy monkeys, Alvie Bean! You’ve been an outside baby for six whole months now! I much prefer you on the outside, although you certainly were easier to keep track of when you were on the inside. No wandering off, putting strange plant material in your mouth, and getting stuck halfway under a chair.

We have had so many food adventures this month. You’ve tried sweet potatoes (so far, your favorite), peas, carrots and bananas. You’re up to two solid meals a day, plus 3 bottles (on work days), plus morning and evening boobs. And you are still hungry! Last night, you nursed for 30 minutes, ate 1/2 banana, 1 serving of sweet potatoes and 4 oz of formula before you were willing to stop eating. And then you were up at 3:15 demanding more noms! And then you ate again at 7. You are one hungry little dude!

This is no time for pictures, mama!


Your six month appointment is this coming Friday, and I am excited to find out how much you’ve grown. You seem like you’re growing so fast – I can almost see you sprouting up. You’re in 9-month and 12-month clothes already, and when  you put on a t-shirt and a pair of pants, you look like a little boy instead of my baby.


You are getting pretty good at sitting up, although you’ve taken some pretty exciting tumbles, too. You are always on the move.


You are getting much better at bed times – most nights. At about 7, we start getting ready for bed. You get a night time diaper, some jammies, 1-2 stories (depending on who’s reading), and then bed. You won’t go to sleep without your monkey friend, so he always hangs out with you for an hour or so, and then mama or daddy have to ninja that thing out of your grasp.


You love other kids, and have so much fun with your friends! You have your friend at the nanny’s AND your neighbor friend. You got to hang out with little B Friday, Saturday AND Sunday this weekend, and it couldn’t have been more awesome.

Yesterday we went to the park with B and his mom in the morning, and we did the swings, the slide, the teeter totters, and the ground (which may have been the best – so many things to put in your mouth!)


Yesterday afternoon we had our first swimming lessons. You were one of only two babies who didn’t cry during the lessons, and you kicked like a pro! You were also the youngest by 4 months. We had so much fun, and you didn’t want to get out. Of course, between the park in the morning and the pool in the afternoon, you were a bit wiped out. You are a terrible weekend napper, so any time you fall asleep, I do whatever I can to minimize waking you up – even if that means leaving you in your stroller or car seat when we get home.

It’s so hard to believe that in six months, we’ve gone from this:


to this:


You amaze me every day with your curiosity and determination to do it yourself (and to eat all the things). I can’t believe it’s only been/already been six months. You are amazing, little bean.


I love you.




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