Cake or Death – Cake 2

Cake #2 was made for my 4th of July barbeque and fireworks extravaganza. I wanted a simple sheet cake because, well, simple. I found just the cake I wanted in my 1969 Betty Crocker cookbook and, once again, followed it to the letter. I was still looking for that perfect white cake – moist and tasty! I used the silver white cake & had initial thoughts of doing the Uncle Sam’s hat cake.

Well – it was not the moist and tasty cake I was looking for. Also, I am lazy, and didn’t want to cut cakes in pieces and put on a serving circle, so I just did an American flag sheet cake served in the pan.

I must have tried about 500 (or 5, whatever) iterations of how to do the American flag decorations with raspberries, blueberries, and cream cheese frosting. Finally I said, “Screw it!” and put blueberries in the top left corner with no regard to how many white spaces I was leaving (I really did try for 50 on the first few goes) and did red sugar (again, with no regard for the number of stripes) and called it good.

You can see that my stripes are neither neat nor uniform, but you definitely know it’s a flag cake, right?


The cake was okay – but again, too dry. I mean, people ate it, and the pieces with the local blueberries were great (extra juicy!), but still not the cake I was looking for.

However, I think that in terms of both flavor and appearance, it was an improvement over cake #1.

I certainly had fun with this one!

Special thanks to photographer Dana for all the great pics.


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