The El Camino Tour of the Bing Crosby Memorial Rock Garden

I have the most boring post titles. Cat, on the other hand, has awesome post titles. AWESOME. I want to be more like her in every way. Taller. More food conscious. More bad ass. Etc.

(My post title comes from a very bizarre, yet strangely boring, dream I had about a month ago.)

I feel like my last posts have not been super upbeat and positive, and I keep trying to think of upbeat and positive things to say in this space to move those on down and along and away. But, I don’t have a ton of super upbeat and positive things to say right now, and I apparently can’t even lie to the internets!

I am a huge believer in the power of “fake it ’til you make it.” In every aspect of life. I hate not knowing what I’m doing, so I often pretend I do until knowledge catches up with the act. This generally works out pretty well for me. I am also a huge believer in not asking for help, even when I need it. I feel bad asking other people to help me out. Everyone has their own needs and stuff, and my issues certainly aren’t more important. This coincides nicely (?) with my almost chronic inability to say no (and not just NOT say no, but to say yes before I’m even asked).

So – I take on too much, and instead of admitting I need help, I just take on more and pretend I know what I’m doing.

That sounds like a great recipe, amiright?

I don’t know what to do with empty hours, so I tend to not have many, and those that I do have, I usually spend watching TV or reading and feeling like I should be doing something.

I am going to try to

a) learn how to relax

b) take what I’ve learned, and relax; and

c) cheer up a bit, so that you can come here and delight in wonderful shoes, adorable babies, and garden pics. (My corn! It is tasseling! And I’ve yet to post one picture of it. I am a neglectful corn mama.)



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