August 2012 Goals

July 2012 Goals

  1. Get back into the swing of things & develop a new routine for Alvie, the architect & me that works well so that we’re all getting our needs met. – SUCCESS! – Mostly. Alvie is still not going to sleep well, but it’s waaay better than it was a month ago. We will do some serious sleep training starting on 8/21.
  2. Get the back bamboo area cleaned out and replanted with something nice. – FAIL! 100%. I’ve been ignoring it for the last month, hoping it would go away on its own. No such luck.
  3. JAM! I am out of jam. It is a sadness. – SUCCESS! 13 1/2 pints and 3 pints of marionberry jam. Yum.
  4. Get 100% caught up at work. – 90% SUCCESS! I feel pretty good about the work situation.
  5. Pay hospital bills (first I must actually figure out what I owe, since giving a total is apparently against hospital policy). – SUCCESS! All paid up. (Including the latest bill for $23 for a 6/28/12 pregnancy test I tried to insist I didn’t need…)

July 2012 Training Goals

  1. Run 3 continuous miles – maybe – SUCCESS? I did a trail run on Sunday. 1/4 mile warmup walk, 3 mile run, 1/4 cool down. I had to walk at 2 miles for just under 1/4 mile, but I ran an extra 1/4 mile to make up for it. So – not continuous, but it was 3. What say you, readers?
  2. Weekly swim- 50% SUCCESS!I swam twice in 4 Wednesdays.Oops.
  3. Weekly bike- 20% SUCCESS! I biked once in 5 Tuesdays. Double Oops.
  4. P90X – continue. Core, plyos & the weight routines are the most important- 3% SUCCESS, which is really more “fail” than anything. It’s hard working everything in and making sure that the baby person gets enough food, love, attention, diaper changes, etc.
  5. Figure out how to get it all in, along with working and mothering! (This will be the biggest challenge)- 10% SUCCESS. Still in progress.

Fairly successful July – regardless of my own personal feelings on the matter.

August 2012 Goals

  1. Survive my commencement ceremony
  2. Get the back bamboo area cleaned out and replanted with something nice. This is important, since I’m having a garden party in August
  3. Clean house before house guests arrive!
  4. Foist cake on someone. I don’t yet have an August cake recipient. Any local volunteers need a cake the last weekend of August (25th or 26th?) (Also – cake update post coming soon.)
  5. Finish craft project and have it turn out not ugly. (This is harder than you’d think – I am not crafty.)

August 2012 Training Goals

  1. Run 6 continuous miles
  2. Weekly swim (including at least half being open water swims)
  3. Bike to work once/week (Tuesdays!)
  4. Core & weights weekly!

  1. Start half marathon training
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