March 2012 Goals

Let’s look back at February, though, shall we? I hope I did better than January – that month just kind of sucked.

February 2012 Goals

  1. Finish grad school! YAY! – SUCCESS! I am finished! Yay! I even received my official finisher’s sweatshirt yesterday (just like a race – fancy!)
  2. Find a daycare for Alvie Bean starting in July! – SUCCESS! More or less – I am touring one more next week (3/9), but I think we’ve found the one we’re going with – for now.
  3. Purchase and install shelves/storage for Alvie Bean’s room. – SUCCESS! We have storage drawers, and they are full of twee little clothes!
  4. Clean out the office and make it more office-y, and less “place where junk goes to die” – half SUCCESS! The office is definitely cleaner and more officey; there’s still some work to be done, though.
  5. Finalize baby prep lists – SUCCESS! I have all my prep lists done; both for home AND work…and should actually get my lists 100% checked off by 3/15! Yay!

February 2012 Training Goals

  1. Fifteen hours of exercise-related activity (total tallied below: 15.5 hours) – 60% SUCCESS! I only hit ~9 hours. SHAME!
  2. Six yoga classes, minimum (estimated time: 7.5 hours) – 83% SUCCESS! I did 5 yoga classes; 5.75 hrs
  3. Five swims, minimum (estimated time: 3.75 hours) – 80% SUCCESSI only swam 4 times; 2.3 hrs
  4. Two 15-minute upper body weights sessions/week (estimated time: 2.25 hours) – FAIL!  I didn’t do any weights in Feb! BOO!
  5. Four visits to the fitness center for 30 minutes of cardio (estimated time: 2 hours) – FAIL! I didn’t hit the fitness center even once! BOO!

Overall – a decent month. I didn’t do as well as I’d hoped with my fitness goals, but I’m still minorly active, and am claiming that as a win (especially after last night’s kick-ass 1500 yd swim, in which I hit 1000 yds about 5 minutes sooner than in my previous swim, even though I was doing shorter sets with longer breaks! Yay!)

March 2012 Goals

  1. Get all my budget drafts done at work.
  2. Finish nursery stuff (not much left here).
  3. Start writing again, now that I don’t have to spend all my nights doing school stuff – goal is to average 750 wds/day, so a total of 23,250 words written in March.
  4. Seriously, for the love of all that’s holy, get these unused, old, junky computers, monitors, and printers OUT! I may need an exorcist at this point.
  5. Knit one tiny baby item. I haven’t knitted regularly since starting grad school!

March 2012 Training Goals

  1. Eleven hours of exercise-related activity (that is an average of 150 minutes/week; recommended for preggos)
  2. Five yoga classes, minimum (estimated time: 6.25 hours)
  3. Five swims, minimum (estimated time: 3.75 hours)
  4. One 15-minute upper body weights sessions/week (estimated time: 1 hour)
  5. One 30-minute walk/week (estimated time: 2 hours)

Please note that nowhere in my March goals does it say “have a baby.” That is one goal that I never want to have to write FAIL!  next to!

I hope your March is awesome!

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