Mostly Sunny with a 100% Chance of Showers

For the level of exhaustion I feel today, you’d think I’d had a busy weekend. Yeah – not so much.  It is possible that the fact that I left the house 3 times in 3 days (oooh – I am a party animal!) was the actual reason for the exhaustion! Pregnancy is hard, y’all!

Friday I was actually sick most of the day. I did nothing. I laid on the sofa, drank lots of water, made frequent trips to the bathroom, and tried to convince the cats to wait on me. It was not successful. I also dozed frequently, which was nice.

Saturday was a busy-ish day.

In the morning, the amazing Heather came over to pick up all our electronics we were intending to get rid of. She took everything for either recycling or to give to Think Geek. I bought her a coffee, which was not nearly enough to repay her for this amazing generosity.

After Heather took off, the architect & I headed out to a breastfeeding & newborn care class. We learned a couple valuable things – like how to swaddle & bathe a baby. However, I’m pretty sure we could’ve learned that by watching a free You Tube video. We also learned such valuable lessons as “if the baby is crying, do not shake or hit it to make it be quiet” and “don’t do street drugs while breastfeeding.”

I was a little disappointed in the class and felt that it definitely wasn’t worth what we paid for it.

Saturday evening we installed the carseat and then I relaxed.

Sunday morning, I napped (sensing a theme here?) and then talked to my parents a bit on Skype before getting ready for my baby shower. My friends the Ambitious One & Mr. Pi graciously opened up their home, and the Ambitious One, along with several of my bffs threw us an amazing baby shower.

There was a Dr. Seuss theme, and everything was just fantastic.

From L-R: Jen - 20 weeks; Emily - 30 weeks; me - 36 weeks


Just Do It!

In the basement, there was a craft station, and everyone got to decorate a bib or onesie for Alvie Bean – so much better than crazy games that involve melted candy bars!


We got a lot of great gifts for Alvie Bean and got to spend some time with our amazing group of friends. I know I’ve said it before, but we are truly blessed to have such a great group of friends in Portland. (Although our other-places friends are, of course, also awesome.)


4 weeks ’til Alvie Day!  EEK!



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