Shoesday! Tiny Shoes Edition!

Okay – first of all, I think I pretty much deserve a medal for only doing baby shoes THREE TIMES since I announced my pregnancy on this blog. (And the first time doesn’t even really count, as it was just a clever way to announce my pregnancy.)

BUT – at my shower on Sunday, I received the most adorable pair of baby shoes in the entire land. Seriously. It is really awesome having a friend that works for a company that makes tiny baby shoes, btw. I absolutely recommend you get one of those. Just not MY friend, as she is already taken by me & about eleventy other pregnant women. (Unless you want to become pregnant, because it is possible that proximity to my friend SL is what makes you pregnant. I don’t know.)

ANYWAYS – I just have to share the cutest, most adorable, awesomest baby boy shoes in the history of the world:


RIGHT? Tiny pirate shoes!

Happy shoesday!

PS – Do they come in a women’s size 7? I’m asking for a friend.

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