Bumpday – Week 36

I just need to make it one more week, and then I’ll be happy to have this baby. I am so close to wrapping things up at work, and all the necessaries are taken care of at home. I know that I likely have 3-5 more weeks left, but I am ready. READY.

Baby size: Alvie is the size of a coconut! He’s still in the 17.2- to 18.7-inch and 4.2- to 5.8-pound range and continues to beef up.

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I’m feeling: Wiped out. Sore.

Physical changes: Alvie dropped at the end of last week, and I can fully inflate my lungs now! However, my hips are so mother-effing sore now, and I have to pee every 30 minutes, day or night. Also – upper digestive tract = better! Lower = not so much.

Baby stuff: He is just packing on the pounds now. His lung development is finishing up, but he’s considered full term on Monday! Wow!

Body Image: In the pictures from my shower, I look huge! In my mirror, I don’t look nearly that big. I feel like a whale. Or a house. Or a house big enough for a whale.

Food stuff: Raw cukes & tomatoes = yuck! Food just doesn’t taste great anymore. I get hungry (HUNGRY!) but nothing sounds good. It’s weird.

Things I miss: Sleeping without pain. I’d say an uninterrupted  night’s sleep, but I know that’s just inviting comments from everyone anxious to tell me that I will never have that again! So, in my brief rest periods between feedings, diaper changes, and whatever else, I am hoping to just rest without pain.

Labor Signs: More & more Braxton Hicks! Almost every evening now.

Prep Work (Things to do between now & Alvie Bean Day)

January: Find a pediatrician, lock down a daycare (one last tour scheduled!), recycle all the old electronics in the office, get the carpet cleaning appointment made, find a maid service for quarterly deep cleans, finalize shower list for shower giver! Find a new doula!

February: Attend childbirth class, take babymoon (canceled SAD), make sure all essentials are purchased (diapers and carseat at this point!), pack hospital bag

March: Attend breastfeeding & newborn care class; install carseat, finish getting less essential essentials (rocking chair, crib, changing table, other random stuff), make a plan for freezer meals, finish getting nursery ready, sign up for FMLA

In conclusion: I know the next 2-5 weeks are going to fly by, but I am so ready to be done. Swimming and yoga are still on the table, but not much else is. I’m trying to rest/nap as much as I can at this point. My other big goal is hydration, as a hydrated gazelle doesn’t have as many bh contractions. (Even if that does mean peeing ALL THE TIME!)

This week’s bump pic: Definitely starting to fill out in the arm, thigh & face region now. I cannot wait to start working out like a normal person again! I miss sweating! (Well, I miss sweating for cause – I’m always hot, so I sweat for no reason, or because I stood up & walked across the room, or because I blinked too vigorously…)

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