November 2011 Goals
November 2011 Goals

November 2011 Goals

And, of course, the October recap….

October 2011 Goals

  1. Finish the bathroom by 10/29/11. We can do it!  All supplies are purchased! I can paint like a mad woman! And make sandwiches for the architect while he tiles. (I am not allowed to tile due to my propensity to say, “eh, fuck it! That’s good enough!”) I am excellent construction support staff. – FAIL! But we are so very close!  We should be done by Thanksgiving.
  2. Get the rain garden outlined, dug, and partially planted. – FAIL! I have decided to hold off on this project for now.
  3. Finish summer garden/start fall garden. – Partial SUCCESS! The summer garden is done, and the plans are complete for the next phase…just need to execute said plans.
  4. Remove all extraneous computer crap from the house. Like the printer that doesn’t work. And the CRT monitor that weighs 375 lbs. And the 50 (approximate count) PCs (both laptop & desktop) that are just sitting around doing nothing. NOTHING! Except gathering dust. – FAIL! But, there is progress in that we have now determined which things need to go. I just need to wait for an electronics recycling day to happen so I can be all environmentally responsible.
  5. Finish my very last class of my Master’s program with an “A” before starting the final project phase. – SUCCESS! Class is done, A was achieved, terminal project is now in progress
  6. Throw the ass-kicking-est 2nd Annual Halloween bash ever! YAY for Halloween!  We will have a howling good time! – SUCCESS! I think, anyways – I had a good time.

October Training Goals

I have them! My gym membership expires this month, and I will not be renewing it. So, I want to spend more time outdoors. Running, jumping, biking, hiking, etc. I have been slacking on yoga lately, too, and need to make that a regular practice again.

I have definitely been better about working out in October now that I’m not quite as tired.  Not at the level I’d like to be at, but better than September!  Go me!

November 2011 Goals

  1. Survive the first 4.5 weeks of my terminal project without going crazy.
  2. Make lefse! With her! We will have so much fun.
  3. For reals, get the garlic in the ground & build the cloche
  4. Visit the daycare that looked awesome on paper (or, the computer screen, rather) and beg them to take my as-yet-unborn child
  5. List one thing I am thankful for every day (thanks for the inspiration, Alisa!)


November 2011 Training Goals

Since I am pregnant, this is harder than usual, but my goal is to work out a minimum of 3 times/week; 30 minutes/time. I had a decent start last night with a trainer ride, although I wasn’t able to hit 30 minutes due to the extreme discomfort of my bike shorts which apparently are not baby bump accommodating. (Why do I never spell accommodating right on the first try? WHY?!?) Any suggestions for bike short comfort? I really don’t want to shell out bike short money for something that I’ll wear for a maximum of 5ish months (I’m pretty sure that biking will not be the first exercise I’ll get back to after giving birth…just a feeling I have). (Also, 5 months? Seriously? That’s it?  ACK!)

I already have a swim date for Wednesday evening, and yoga plans for Friday afternoon, and will try to run on Thursday and/or Sunday….I am hoping to convince the architect to start doing weekly long walks with me on a weekend day. I’m pretty sure I’ll be mostly walking my half marathon, and want to start getting some serious distance on my feet.


Gratitude Journal

November 1, 2011:  I am grateful for my (so far, knock on wood) easy and wonderful pregnancy


  1. I had to google lefse. Sounds awesome! 5 months seems like a long time to be wearing uncomfortable bike shorts…might be worth spending money on if you really want to continue riding. If it were me, it would all to easlity give me an excuse to not do it.

    And that is something to be grateful for indeed!

    1. It’s not so much that I don’t want to buy new (fitting) bike shorts, but they are soooo expensive, and it’s hard to predict how long something like that will fit. I refuse to buy a pair of bike shorts every month, especially since I also don’t know how long I’ll be able to bike.

  2. Emily

    Can you do the trainer rides w/o the padded crotch? Just wear comfy pants, then put some extra padding on the bike seat? I always wonder why, in lieu of wearing diaper-like bike shorts we cyclists just don’t get a better padded seat. WHY?!

    LEFSE TIME. Can’t wait!

    1. There are no seats that exist that make biking comfortable. Makes me wonder why people do it at all. 🙂 BUT – I think a more padded seat + my maternity yoga pants might be the answer.

  3. I don’t have any bike shorts recommendations…maybe one if those big gel seats??.. 🙂

    I hear you on the 5 months! I’m only two weeks away from my THIRD trimester! W.T.H. I’m so not ready.

    1. So helpful. 😛 I don’t know how long I’ll be able to bike, but I do want to keep it up as long as possible. I know a couple pregnant women who kept biking until the end, and am going for that.

    1. I think that’s probably what I’ll do. I have some maternity yoga pants that should continue to fit for the rest of my pregnancy – and a comfy seat on my indoor bike wouldn’t be so bad….

      Also, I swear to all I hold holy (i.e. beer, gin, and cheese) that I really am going to call you one of these days. Are you around Sunday?

  4. Alisa

    What about trying to find a deeply discounted pair of mens shorts or women’s large or something? I think that’s what Pharmie did, I think she posted about it.

    And yes, we’re on for swimming wednesday!

    ps Your party was awesome, great food, great company and lots of crazy decorations.

  5. Jen

    You are doing great balancing school, work, house stuff, exercise, socializing, AND being pregnant. You just keep doing what you’re doing!

    Thank you for hosting such a fun Halloween party!! I loved it- the food was amazing and everyone’s costumes were great. Happy Anniversary! 🙂

  6. WOW! Teach me to fall off the face of the planet. I missed the news that you’re preggers. CONGRATULATIONS! So exciting! As a mother of five I have to applaud you for even thinking about biking. I was hard pressed to get my teeth brushed regularly. Go Girl! But the thing I really came over to tell you was that even though I haven’t been here in a while (obviously forever!) I am inspired by your consistent goal setting and evaluating. And I used your pattern as I set goals for myself for this new year – so thanks!! And happy, happy vibes to you and the Architect about the upcoming addition!

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