Happy Hallowe’en!

And Happy Samhain, too – if you celebrate such things.

And, most importantly, Happy Anniversary to me! (And the architect, obvs.)  We’ve been married five years today.

We had a GREAT Spooktacular this weekend, but alas! I have no photos to share. I didn’t take ANY of people (people who were there, please send me pics) and totally forgot to download the decorations and food pics that I did take.

I drank my weight in delightful green punch, that I kind of want to drink every day (even though that amount of sugar totally makes Alvie a hyper monkey) and believe everyone had a good time.

The architect & I celebrated our anniversary yesterday by lazing about. We exchanged gifts in early afternoon.  (And I didn’t take pictures of these, either.)

I got him an X-box 360/kinect (found an awesome deal on a refurbished one) as well as Halo 3 (he loves those Halo games) and he got me a CHAINSAW! I have my very own chainsaw! And then, it rained all afternoon so I could not go out and terrorize the neighborhood evil hedge. SAD!

You guys – I am seriously so stoked about my chainsaw. I have been wanting one for ages! I can’t believe  I am a chainsaw owner now! (Especially since I’ve had stitches twice from accidents involving 1) a small paring knife and 2) and electric meat slicer.) BUT a new accident-free, tree cutting down era is about to begin!

(Also, the Xbox is cool, too.)

ANYWAYS – Happy 5th anniversary, Mr. Architect and giver of the most awesome gift ever.


Ummm – apparently I don’t have any photos of year 1 OR the architect & I together at last year’s spooktacular! WTF, Amy?!?


ANYWAYS – I will soon post a link to my hallowe’en party photos, and then if you want, you can totally enjoy. Or not. Whatever.


Other big news today – I have my next ultrasound scheduled, so next week (Tuesday!), we will find out the sex of baby Alvie Bean! Bets? My money’s on boy, but either way, it will be awesome.

Watch out for zombies, witches, and sugar comas tonight!

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