Three (3!) Things Thursday

1. Today I start a once/week 8-week leadership certification course. I was nominated to take the course by my mentor, and I’m hoping to learn a lot and become an even more awesome manager and a good leader. Also, I am excited because I get to wear jeans, there is free lunch, and free parking! WOO!


2. I am definitely feeling a return of energy this week. I ran Monday night and swam last night. I also got the bike trainer all set up so I could bike when I get home tonight. Of course, I was asleep shortly after 9 last night, but whatever….I’ve been active and feeling good!

This is a dramatic re-enactment of my swim

(I am neither that pregnant, nor am I likely to bust out a bikini any time soon.)


3. I am always always hungry. I haven’t been this hungry since my high mileage marathon weeks (in fact, between the sleepiness and the hunger, I feel exactly like I’m in the high mileage marathon training weeks, except without all the excess laundry). I carry emergency snacks in my purse, but I ran out Tuesday and forgot to replace them. So, last night when I drove the Ambitious One home after our swim date, I made her pay for the ride with a Luna Bar!  I am such a demanding bitch!  (I will eat ALL the food.)


I am internet-less today (except for breaks and the smartphone) – have a great Thursday!

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