Three (3!) Things Thursday

1. Today I start a once/week 8-week leadership certification course. I was nominated to take the course by my mentor, and I’m hoping to learn a lot and become an even more awesome manager and a good leader. Also, I am excited because I get to wear jeans, there is free lunch, and free parking! WOO!


2. I am definitely feeling a return of energy this week. I ran Monday night and swam last night. I also got the bike trainer all set up so I could bike when I get home tonight. Of course, I was asleep shortly after 9 last night, but whatever….I’ve been active and feeling good!

This is a dramatic re-enactment of my swim

(I am neither that pregnant, nor am I likely to bust out a bikini any time soon.)


3. I am always always hungry. I haven’t been this hungry since my high mileage marathon weeks (in fact, between the sleepiness and the hunger, I feel exactly like I’m in the high mileage marathon training weeks, except without all the excess laundry). I carry emergency snacks in my purse, but I ran out Tuesday and forgot to replace them. So, last night when I drove the Ambitious One home after our swim date, I made her pay for the ride with a Luna Bar!  I am such a demanding bitch!  (I will eat ALL the food.)


I am internet-less today (except for breaks and the smartphone) – have a great Thursday!

4 responses to “Three (3!) Things Thursday

  1. I am breastfeeding exclusively and running-it’s like I am one, big, bottomless pit.

  2. Why is free lunch so exciting? I have no idea…but I get all giddy about it, too.

    And yay for your exercise mojo! I slacked off today…didn’t go to the gym…tomorrow…it’ll happen tomorrow…

  3. LOL no way, YOU”RE not demanding, the bean is…you must start blaming things on the baby isn’t that what all mom’s do?!?! =)

  4. Last year I saw a pregnant woman at the pool. She looked adorable. Bikini and all. I hope you do that!