Welcome to my bathroom renovation blog!

Seriously – do I even talk about anything else anymore?

It was a long-feeling weekend, which was just what I needed.  Friday I took some “me-time” and went to Nordstroms, armed with $40 in Nordstrom Notes. I bought some essentials (read: new bras! new running tights!) and some super-duper essentials (read: boots….beautiful, beautiful boots).

By Friday night, I was wiped out from all the shopping activities!  It was determined earlier that the tile would not be reading for grouting on Friday, so unfortunately, I was unable to help out with that. (And, of course, by unfortunately, I mean, “Yay!”)

Saturday morning, I met my friend Sarah for a run, and we had a lovely September misty day run followed by the farmer’s market.  When I returned home, the architect was hard at work grouting. I did homework and periodically changed his rinsing buckets. By the end of the day, it looked fantastico!


That floor looks so nice!  YAY!

By the time he was done, he looked a little like a coal miner – covered in black, sooty-looking powder.  So, I made us dinner (roasted chicken, rice, and fresh tomatoes) and dessert (pear crisp with ice cream), and we chilled out. (If, by chilled out, you mean we both fell asleep on the couch by 10.)

Sunday was a bit of a lazier morning.  For me. I got up, got dressed, and then while I headed out to brunch to celebrate my friend Lisa’s birthday, the architect headed to the hardware store for more supplies!

When I got home, he was hard at work (again!), but finally I was able to help. I primed the bathroom walls and painted our new wainscoting.

IMAG0580This picture (above) is almost exactly the same angle as picture #1 in my last post.  Improvement, no?


Inspector's Visit


The wainscoting and baseboards will go on tonight, and then all the critical path tasks to getting the toilet hooked up again will be done! Yay!

We will likely paint and start the built in shelving this week, too, so that by Friday evening, when the in-laws arrive, we can hang a shower curtain and pretend the bathroom is done! 🙂


And then soon (I hope!) this will no longer be a bathroom renovation blog.  And I can talk about other, more important things. Like fancy dinner parties. And Hallowe’en! (I love Hallowe’en!)


Happy week!

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