Three (3!) Things Thursday

1. The bathroom is coming right along. The architect is home, right this instant, tiling. (I assume that’s what he’s doing. He was also going to mow the lawn weeds today.) By the time I get home, there should be tiles on the floor! Then, tomorrow, maybe I will grout! (It is still up in the air on whether or not I can be trusted with this very important job.) And then Saturday/Sunday will be sanding/wainscotting/painting day!  And in 8 days, we will have a working toilet again! YAY!

As of this morning, the bathroom looked like this:






2. I feel fantastic today. Or at least fantastically dressed. I am wearing fall boots, and I love fall boots. I am not sure I’ve ever worn both the left AND the right pair of these boots at the same time (I probably have, I just can’t remember right now), as I bought these boots right after I had surgery last fall and wore the left one a LOT.

3. Starting in October, I go back to having every Friday off. I. Cannot. Wait. Seriously – I mean, I’ll be working four 9-hour days, but I kind of do that most days, anyways. YAY!

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