Shoesday! Reality Edition!

You guys – I bought a pair of boots on Friday. And they are awesome for two important reasons:

1. They zip over my calves (and don’t have the extra zipper like my other knee-high boots do), and

2. They have a great heel, some excellent buckle detailing, and are beautiful, beautiful leather.


They are also the most expensive pair of shoes I’ve ever purchased, but I believe that the cost/use will end up being very small. I paid about $180 for them after discounts, which means so far, they have cost $90/wear, and I’ve only had them for four days.  This bodes well.

Ecco Hobart Boot


And, because I own them, here they are ON….

I need new tights. Those are the only pair I have right now.  Aren’t they great, though?


Anyone else have exciting new shoe purchases?


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