Three (3!) Things Thursday

Oh, loyal readers! I have abandoned you this week! I am so sorry. I’ve been so busy vacationing and R&R-ing that I have been neglectful. And honestly, it’s not like the vacationing has been hard work.  Sunday evening, I flew to South Dakota. I got it pretty late, so not much happened that night.

Then, on Monday, my ‘rents & I went to Storm Mountain (a church camp that I attended for several years and also the site of my SD wedding reception) where I discovered that my battery in my camera was dead. SAD!  After looking at all the new developments at Storm, we headed to Mt. Rushmore.

1. So, I have been to Mt. Rushmore a lot. I grew up in South Dakota, after all. BUT, it is always cool. So, we went to Mt. Rushmore and viewed the presidents. We did the little .8 mile walk around and got a lot of different views. It was pretty cool.



parents on the mini-hike




2. While at Mt. Rushmore, we had lunch. AND, in the ice cream shop next to the cafe, they had FUDG-ALOs for sale. ‘What is a fudg-alo?’ you might ask? Well, it is fudge in the shape of a buffalo. RIGHT? AWESOME!  Obviously, I bought one. Imagine my excitement when I discovered that not only did a get a buffalo-shaped piece of fudge, but it came with the buffalo-shaped cookie-cutter!  I am so excited for Christmas. There is nothing more festive, nothing that embodies the true spirit of the winter holidays more than buffalo-shaped cookies.


Well, except for maybe NINJA cookie cutters.  Who wants Ninjabread men? That’s right – everyone.

That was it for Monday. We were back at my parent’s house by 1 or so. And then, I took a nap. That’s right – me. Anti-napper extraordinaire! napping.

Tuesday morning started out pretty slowly. I did some homework, had some breakfast, and then we loaded up in the car & headed to Spearfish.

3. We visited my Great-Uncle Bob. He recently turned 99. That’s right. Ninety-nine. Years. Old. Not only is he old, he’s in pretty good shape! He didn’t remember my name right away, but knew who I was. We hung out and talked. He was all cognizant and aware. It was CRAZY! Just before we went, I made sure to grab a photo with him.

Me & Uncle Bob

(I think I don’t look very good in this photo, but it was the only one that we both had our eyes open.)

Tuesday late afternoon/evening was spent playing cribbage (very important game), eating steak, and then heading to bed.

I hope you all are having a good week! I am driving from Western SD to Eastern SD tomorrow, so I know I won’t be blogging then. BUT – I’ll have so much to say next week!  YAY!


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