Three (3!) Things Thursday

1. As a person who has been rather generously endowed and who is also a runner, sports bras interest me. I often see people running and think, “oh honey, no! They make sports bras for a reason! Let me take you shopping!” Today, I was driving to work, and from a distance saw a person who had a little more bounce than would be comfortable. I felt so bad for them; that is such an uncomfortable feeling! As I got closer, I realized that said person was a man, and probably wouldn’t feel comfortable buying or wearing the support he so obviously needed.  BUT, good for him for getting out there, right?

2. I had a routine doctor’s appointment yesterday & logged into my computer medical chart this morning to see if my test results were in yet (still watching those protein levels!), and in the chart, I noticed that I was now 67 inches tall!  You guys! I have grown 5 inches since my last doctor’s visit in January!  Can you believe it? I am a GIANT! It’s odd I notice my sudden growth spurt, but I have been pretty busy lately.

The person on the left is a dramatic representation of how tall I am now.

3. PLANS! I am such a planner! The architect & I had talked about going somewhere warm & beachy for Christmas…we’ve never really done a vacation-vacation that didn’t involve visiting other people (which we like to do! We love our friends & family), and thought it might be nice to just have a trip for the two of us. I’d originally said I wanted to go somewhere warm & beachy and we’d talked about Mexico or Hawaii, but it turns out that I am cheap. CHEAP!  (Also, my student loans don’t cover the last portion of my capstone, so I have to pay for that out of pocket, which helps with the cheap feelings.) Now I am thinking maybe just beachy, but not warm. Maybe a B&B on the Oregon Coast; a room with a view [of the ocean] and fingers crossed for a winter storm.

* All photos were found by searching my 3 things key words for Creative Commons licensed photos at Flickr

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