Three (3!) Things Thursday

1. As a person who has been rather generously endowed and who is also a runner, sports bras interest me. I often see people running and think, “oh honey, no! They make sports bras for a reason! Let me take you shopping!” Today, I was driving to work, and from a distance saw a person who had a little more bounce than would be comfortable. I felt so bad for them; that is such an uncomfortable feeling! As I got closer, I realized that said person was a man, and probably wouldn’t feel comfortable buying or wearing the support he so obviously needed.  BUT, good for him for getting out there, right?

2. I had a routine doctor’s appointment yesterday & logged into my computer medical chart this morning to see if my test results were in yet (still watching those protein levels!), and in the chart, I noticed that I was now 67 inches tall!  You guys! I have grown 5 inches since my last doctor’s visit in January!  Can you believe it? I am a GIANT! It’s odd I notice my sudden growth spurt, but I have been pretty busy lately.

The person on the left is a dramatic representation of how tall I am now.

3. PLANS! I am such a planner! The architect & I had talked about going somewhere warm & beachy for Christmas…we’ve never really done a vacation-vacation that didn’t involve visiting other people (which we like to do! We love our friends & family), and thought it might be nice to just have a trip for the two of us. I’d originally said I wanted to go somewhere warm & beachy and we’d talked about Mexico or Hawaii, but it turns out that I am cheap. CHEAP!  (Also, my student loans don’t cover the last portion of my capstone, so I have to pay for that out of pocket, which helps with the cheap feelings.) Now I am thinking maybe just beachy, but not warm. Maybe a B&B on the Oregon Coast; a room with a view [of the ocean] and fingers crossed for a winter storm.

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    • gazelle
      August 25, 2011 - 11:55 am ·

      I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t be cheap, although that’s a fantastic idea. I’ve always wanted to go there. (I looked it up – Hawaii would be cheaper AND sunnier!)

  • Alisa
    August 25, 2011 - 12:02 pm ·

    Justin and I stayed in a great hotel on the coast, it wasn’t a B&B but the price and the view was amazing. It was in a rural area with not a ton around, not sure what you’re looking for but it was called the Surf Rider Hotel. We had a fire place and we were there during a winter storm =).

  • Carolina John
    August 26, 2011 - 12:52 pm ·

    After dealing with my wife’s running for these many years I too have become enamored with people that painfully need better sports bras. Of course I can’t tell the difference in fits, but I don’t like seeing a bad one. It’s not attractive and just hurts.

    Have a fun vacation! Hope you find somewhere good to go. I would suggest the outer banks but Irene…. We’re supposed to go to the OBX in a few weeks for a triathlon. I hope this storm doesn’t ruin the course.

    • gazelle
      August 26, 2011 - 1:09 pm ·

      Oh you east coasters suggesting east coast vacations in response to my wanting to be cheap suggestion! It is cheaper to fly to Hawaii from here than to the East coast!

      Also, OBX is not a “just us” vacation – my father-in-law is there (although I’m hoping he’s not there RIGHT NOW, what with your hurricane!) which makes it a family vacation. BUT, great suggestion. OBX is a good vacation spot – I’ve definitely done that one before. 🙂