Google Search Term of the Day

Yesterday, someone got to my blog by googling: “How to hang out with stupid people.”

My first reaction: “Why would you want to?”

I prefer to avoid dolts, and in fact, none of my friends are even a tiny bit imbecilic! It’s great!

However, maybe you have no choice. Maybe a close friend is dating an idiot, or you’re related to a dummy and you’re forced to sit next to them at Thanksgiving. Maybe you’re cursed with an asinine co-worker.

Well, that is a different answer. It is true that sometimes we cannot avoid the brainless. However, it is also true that for every clever person out there, there is another even keener person who thinks the former is simpleminded.

I tend to believe I am fairly intelligent. I did well in school. I learn new tasks at work fairly quickly. I am well-read and know something about a wide variety of subjects.

I have friends who definitely surpass me intellectually…*ahem*Brian*ahem*…and he seems to be okay hanging out with me in limited quantities. Perhaps I should ask him for his secrets. I have also talked to people that initially seemed obtuse, but once the conversation moved around to something they were familiar with, they surprised me.

Just because you think someone is a dullard, doesn’t mean they are. They may know a lot about something you don’t, and you just haven’t discovered it yet.

So – take some time and ask the perceived moron some questions about what they’re interested in and what they do for fun. They may reveal an amazing amount of knowledge about something you know little about, enriching your intellectual storehouse and your pool of acute acquaintances.

However, if they are truly cretinous, then just smile, nod, make agreeable noises, plot your escape, and think of blond vampires. Works for me every time.



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