Marathon Training Update
Marathon Training Update

Marathon Training Update

I am halfway through marathon training, and am feeling good. I think that if all continues to go as well as it’s been going so far, I will be all trained up & ready for those 26.2 miles!

I did have a not-so-great run yesterday that I ended up cutting short, but am okay with that, because I was out there!  Better a short run than a skipped run, amiright?

One thing I’m doing differently this training cycle is that I decided a couple of weeks ago to give up alcohol for the duration of training to see if it would have a positive effect on my training. It’s been ~two weeks, and I’m feeling pretty good!  There’s been a couple of days when I wanted to reward myself for a hard day’s work (of running or bathroom demolition) with a frosty beer, but really haven’t even been too tempted.  Eight more weeks until the marathon! I’m sure that frosty mug of beer at the end of the journey will taste even better then, right?

This week’s plans include a 4 miler tomorrow, a 6-8 mile trail run on Thursday, and 18 (eep!) solo miles on Saturday morning. I’m thinking of doing a triple out-and-back type run (probably more like three mini-loops) so I can stop by my house for more food/water every six miles.

Later this week, I’ll talk more about the bathroom remodel and all that excitement!

Happy Week!


  1. If you’re already up to 18 miles and it’s only halfway through the training plan then you’re in great condition! Very cool G.

    I have absolutely no desire to ever carry 18 miles worth of hydration and nutrition with me at any time. Strongly reccomend doing three loops @ 6 miles each. Have fun!

    When I started ironman training somebody who’s really actually fast told me that I didn’t have to finish every workout in the training plan, but I did have to start every workout. I have actually missed plenty of workouts entirely, but you’re right about cutting your run short yesterday. It’s better to start and run short than never to run at all.

    1. “I didn’t have to finish every workout in the training plan, but I did have to start every workout.”

      I really like that. Such a great way to look at things! I do think that my three 6-mile loops will make the most sense, logistics-wise! 18 miles is a long ways to go with only 36 oz of water (the most I can carry at once unless I go by a new hydration bladder for my camelbak). Also, it’s easier to think about six mile runs than 18 miles. I am all about tricking myself!

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