Three (3!) Things Thursday
Three (3!) Things Thursday

Three (3!) Things Thursday

1. I am really looking forward to a week and change off work in mid-August. I am planning on sleeping. And running. And trying not to melt while hanging out in South Dakota. Amy needs some R&R


Looking forward to my run on the Mickelson Trail

2.  I just registered for my last class of of my Master’s degree coursework as well as my Terminal Project. In six months, this journey will be done and I will have earned my MS. Of course, graduation won’t be for another six months after that, but I can still use those letters, right?

Soon enough, that'll be me....

3. As of yesterday afternoon, I am now officially a manager-type person. I have meetings with three of my four direct reports next Monday. Three of my new peeps are going to be awesome to work with – I am so exciting to find out their strengths, help them with their weaknesses, and work with them on their professional development. The fourth? Is so not excited to be reporting to me. In the meeting where it was announced, he started….well, if it wasn’t a grown-up, I would have called it sulking. I think he will be a very interesting challenge. And challenges are good, right? Growth experiences and all? Any advice for a new manager of a possibly recalcitrant employee with a track record of poor performance?


Grow and thrive, little employees!

* all photos were found by searching my 3 things key words for Creative Commons licensed photos at Flickr


  1. Alisa

    R&R is defintiely a neccessity! Do you need a kitty sitter or anything done around while you guys are away?

    You’re going to be a great manager I know it and I’m so glad you are being the opportunity–you deserve it.

    And yes, as soon as your coursework is done you should add those little letters to you name.

  2. Brian

    Yay! Congratulations on the approaching end of your studies. It sounds as if we’ll be graduating at the same time. I finish my BA work on 3/16/2012 (which, I’ll point out, is my birthday). What a birthday gift we’re both giving ourselves, eh?

    Anyway, in re. Mr Sulky. Fire him.

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