Blue Lake Triathlon – Race Goals

I haven’t done a tri for almost two years, and was feeling woefully unprepared for tomorrow’s. So, in order to make myself feel even worse, I look up the training I did in the two months leading up to my previous tri in August2009.


Runs – 148.5 miles;23 total runs; average mileage 6.5

Biking – 51 miles;5 rides; average ride of 10.2 miles

Swimming – 7,340 yards; 1000/swim;  2 Open Water Swims;

Bricks – 1 tiny brick


Runs – 53,5 miles; 12 total runs; average mileage 4.5 (in my defense, I’m not marathon training right now)

Biking – 30.3 miles; 4 rides; average ride of 7.5 miles

Swimming – 5400 yards; 1350/swim;  2 Open Water Swims;

Bricks – 1 tiny brick

I feel like I’m actually not too far behind my 2009 training; I’m a much stronger swimmer than I was then, and the bike could go either way.

So – goals!


2009 time: 19:27

2011 goal: anything under that would be amaze-balls!


2009 time: 4:21

2011 goal: I honestly don’t care about this at all….4ish would be great.


2009 time: 44:58 (~16mph average)

2011 goal: I would love to be about the same here (obviously I would really love to be faster, but about the same works, too)


2009 time: 2:03

2011 goal: under 2 if possible


2009 time: 31:29

2011 goal: 30 minutes or faster


Overall, I’d love a PR, but am not sure if that’s realistic with the lower level of fitness I have right now. My main goal is to finish smiling, of course!

I did do a mini brick last night & had an average bike speed of 14 mph, a transition time of 2:14 (carry bike up steps, grab keys, disarm & unlock house, carry bike into house, change shoes, remove helmet, drink water, make sure no cats run out, lock & arm house) and a short run with an average pace of 10:09. I am cool with that.

Race report to come on Sunday!  Happy weekend.

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