Three (3) Things Thursday
Three (3) Things Thursday

Three (3) Things Thursday

  1. I am done with Research Methods! (It actually doesn’t conclude until tomorrow, but I have finished & handed in my final assignment, so there!) It was the best/hardest class I’ve taken so far. The only thing that makes me sad is that we won’t do a full thesis for my program, because I would love to take the next year to do an actual research project based on my capstone topic. (Which I am not going to tell you yet. Ask me again next spring.)
  2. After work today, I am celebrating with a happy hour with one of my favorite people. I have so many great neighbors, and feel so lucky that so many awesome people have moved to my block since the architect & showed up just over four years ago. After happy hour celebrations, I have FIVE WHOLE DAYS IN A ROW off work, for things like yoga, and triathlons, and house warming parties (not mine, obvs), and gardening, hair cuts, and running!
  3. I have a lot of trouble balancing work/school/working out lately. Last week I was a marvel of working-outedness! I worked out as many hours last week as I did in all of April. Go me! This week? Nada. I have been staying up late working on my final paper (done!) and too tired to get up in the morning to exercise. I have a triathlon on Saturday, so maybe I’ll just claim this week as a super-dee-duper relaxed taper? A taper that involves not even going for a walk? Maybe some yoga on Friday. That’s taper-appropriate for my sprint triathlon, right? I totally need a full week off to prepare my body for the rigor of something that won’t (hopefully) even take two hours. So glad I developed that excuse. “Oh, I’m not lazy, I’m tapering.” (Please imagine that said with my nose in the air and with a slightly snooty tone.


  1. Tomorrow will be awesome!! and congratulations on being done. for now? You are so hard on yourself. You don’t have to fit EVERYTHING in you know. It sounds like your work load changes week-to-week. Which means all your other commitments should change week-to-week. And you should’t beat yourself up over it. There are times the fun or workout stuff overrides work right?

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