May 2011 Goals

April 2011 Goals

  1. Lose 3-4 lbs – FAIL! But, I also didn’t gain (again).
  2. Finish my 10K faster than last year’s time. – SUCCESS! I beat last year’s time by 7 seconds. Go me!
  3. Make first steps towards Audubon site certification – SUCCESS! The site plan is taking shape.
  4. Make sausage – SUCCESS! I made chicken, tomato, basil sausage, and it is delicious!
  5. Finish guest room fancifying – FAIL! The guest room is still unfancified…
  6. Upstairs storage solutions  – FAIL! I also haven’t figured out what I’m doing w/ the guest room closet.
  7. Make cheddar & goat feta. – half SUCCESS! I made the feta, although it didn’t turn out quite right; I can no longer find the goat milk I previously used, and there is a definite change in quality (and curding…). I need to get the raw stuff from somewhere again.
  8. Get my awesome new prints framed & hung in the kitchen – FAIL! I have not done this, but I will this month. FOR REAL!
  9. Find graphic designer to help with a secret project – half SUCCESS! I have the design down & a contact, just need to make it happen
  10. Follow the budget to the letter! (number?) – SUCCESS! I was a marvel of fiscal restraint.  🙂

April 30 day challenge

I will take one picture every day & upload it to my Flickr site. These will show up in the sidebar! In addition, I would like to redo January’s challenge – the month of no extraneous spending! Go me!

I did great with the photo thing until I was derailed about 10 days ago with work.  I’ve definitely reached my goal of being more conscious of what’s around me, though!

April Training Goals

  1. Weights/Yoga/Swim/Bike – 16x this month – FAIL! I was doing great w/ this until about 10 days ago, again; that is a recurring theme…I got in 9 yoga/swim/bike (no weights) April 1 – 19, but nothing since then…
  2. Run 50 miles – FAIL! BUT – I did run 26 miles, which is my biggest mileage month since March 2010! Yay!
  3. Two OWS, minimum – FAIL! Again, see April 19 excuse & add ‘crappy, cold, rainy weather’ to that.
  4. Push-ups every week – FAIL! I’d forgotten I’d even put that in here. Oops.
  5. 20 hours of exercise – FAIL! Again, pesky April 19 when I stopped exercising excuse…I did get in 14.3 hours, and since I did not one lick of exercise between April 20 & April 29, I figure I was on track, at least!
May 2011 Goals

  1. Lose 3-4 lbs
  2. Finish my 10K faster than April’s time
  3. Finish guest room fancifying 
  4. Upstairs storage solutions 
  5. Make cheddar
  6. Get my awesome new prints framed & hung in the kitchen 
  7. Find awesome birthday present for the architect
  8. Get through the month without losing my sanity…this is key

May 31 day challenge

Send out 31 postcards…if you want one, sign up to the right or email me your address at gazellesoncrack at gmail.MayTraining Goals

  1. Weights/Yoga/Swim/Bike – 16x this month
  2. Run 50 miles 
  3. Three OWS
  4. Lift weights at least twice
  5. 20 hours of exercise


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