And now you can call me crazy

Because honestly, I’m one screaming/crying mess from the architect calling in the men in little white coats to take me away.

But also, because things have been insane.

Background…a couple of weeks ago, my boss quit. With no notice. A month before the budget was due. I don’t know exactly what happened, and I’m sure this was the best decision for her.

But….the budget still had to go in! So, I got summarily executed promoted, although not to the degree I think is fair…but whatever. Promotion. Raise. It’s all good, right?

I also upped my hours. I no longer have every Friday off. *sob* Instead, I now have to work every Friday – starting May 6. 🙁

ETA: That should read I have to work every other Friday starting May 6; my life is only 50% hardship.

The position is not being hired for at this time, so I am now responsible for my job (which was a .8 FTE job) and her job (1.0 FTE) in 72 hours/pay period (.9 FTE).

Perhaps needless to say, but I’ve been a wee bit stressed out. Just a wee bit.

Also, last week marked the beginning of my Research Methods class – which I am incredibly excited about, although it is also a lot of work.

I am not a crier, but I have cried a LOT in the last 10 days. Ugly cries.

I have had temper tantrums the like that I haven’t had since I was an obnoxious teenager. I have thrown things! (Well, I threw the lid to the parmesan cheese when it came off in my hand & spilled cheese everywhere 15 minutes before the book clubbers descended on my house to eat frozen lasagna.)

I didn’t exercise for almost 2 weeks.

So – I have done what any logical person, faced with this level of stress and the subsequent inability to handle it would do – I signed up for a marathon.

October 9, 2011 I’ll be pounding out 26.2 miles here in Portland.

I have a training plan! I managed to match up all my long run distances in my 16 week plan with Sarah, except for three (two I’ll be out of town, and the other I’m running a half marathon – IN THEORY.

So – hopefully this works better than therapy (although therapy MIGHT have been cheaper).

To celebrate my marathon-deciding run – a great 7 miler in Forest Park in which I did not walk even once, I bought myself a new pair of shoes (see what I did there? Brought it all back to Shoesday):


Brooks Defyance 4


Tonight, they went for their inaugural run – two easy miles. I’m thinking this could work….

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