Best weekend ever?

Despite all my craziness and stress, I had a fantabulous weekend.

It started out auspiciously – I actually slept (with sleeping! and REM! [the dream state, not the band, that wouldn’t have been restful]), and then? I slept until 9:30. That is highly unusual for me, but it was good.

I woke up all refreshed, took a shower, did some homework and looked at the internets, and then, I was away!

I met Sarah in Beaverton and we hit up a McMenamin’s for lunch. After splitting a calzone & salad (and drink a beer, which we did not split), we were underway.

We headed out to Kookoolan Farms (near Yamhill) to check things out. Their farm store was amazing. Milk! Mead! Kombucha! Cheese making supplies! Meat!

Sarah bought some cheese making supplies and I purchased a couple cheese molds, a wax brush (for cheese waxing), and oh yeah, 1/8 of cow. And, as a reward for buying 1/8 of a cow, I got a cookbook!

I cannot wait to go back to pick up my meat and buy some milk and eggs and other exciting things!

After the farm excitement, we decided to stop at the Grand Lodge for a beer (we were doing a McMenamin’s tour). As we drove up to the Lodge I saw a banner:

Medieval Faire

April 29-30

It was the 29th! There was a Medieval Faire! I believe we were both a wee bit excited.

We headed to the Faire and were a bit saddened to find that we had to go inside to get beers as the Yardhouse was not yet open. Fortunately, we were able to take our beers outside & wander through the fair. They were just setting up, so it really wasn’t that exciting, although we did see an old man in a kilt tying his shoe, which was almost exciting. And then we saw Gandalf in his best scarlet dress robes!

It was almost too much excitement to handle (and certainly too much to photograph!), so we headed back to Portland. After parking & dropping off some cheese making supplies, we continued our day of fun by heading to Powell’s, where we each bought cookbooks (although I only bought two – one for curing meat & one for preserving, unfortunately I cannot, for the life of me, remember the name of that one, but it has pretty pictures…).

Then – more food! And beer! (Although not at a McMenamin’s.)

But wait! There’s more!

We headed to a cookbook signing where I (you guessed it) bought another cookbook. And got it signed. Sarah already had that cookbook, so she bought one by the other author present.

Then, there was food! (Although I didn’t eat any.) And more beer! (Although I didn’t drink any, and opted for Prosecco instead.)

And then, unfortunately, it was time to go home. BUT – such a great day.

Saturday & Sunday were also awesome. Forest Park run – 7 miles! New running shoes! Date night with the architect! Gardening! Sunburn! Champagne on the patio!

Glad those good days were there to get me through the week! All this sunshine sure hasn’t hurt, either.

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