Three Things Thursday

  1. Last night, the smoke detector system went off just as I hopped into bed. Our house was not on fire, so we were confused. I helped the architect remove the detector that started it all (we are super modern, and all our smoke detectors are linked, so that when one goes off, they all do, which is handy in cases of actual fires, but super annoying in cases of whatever the hell happened last night), and then I went back to bed. Apparently, it happened twice more after that, but I slept through it. Which does not bode well in cases of actual fires. This morning, there were no attached smoke detectors, and and least 2 of them have gone missing all together. (We are cursed blessed with a plethora of smoke detectors, four in our 2nd floor (which is about 700 square feet).
  2. I am about three spreadsheets away from a complete mental breakdown.
  3. I am so happy that it’s Thursday and I don’t have to work tomorrow. I am also excited that tomorrow is Sarah & Amy’s day of fun.
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