Three Things Thursday

  1. Earlier this week, in response to a request for help from my yogathon (donate! see the side bar!) committee heads, I replied “just tell me where to go & what time to be there.” Yeah. I’m a bit overwhelmed this week. My current class ends tomorrow. When it’s done, I have four classes and my capstone left, and then I’ll be the Master!
    or maybe more like:
  2. I am excited to have a homework free weekend and hope the weather cooperates. I have running and biking and running and gardening plans.  So far, it’s looking pretty good!
  3. Thursdays are the last day of my workweek, and they are invariably crazy. I am planning on managing the crazy today by having the architect pick me up from work (so I have to leave) and then drop me off about 3.5 – 4 miles from home (so I have to run the rest of the way home) before doing a bit of homework and then having happy hour with one of my kick-ass neighbors! Yay!
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