Three Things Thursday
Three Things Thursday

Three Things Thursday

  1. Earlier this week, in response to a request for help from my yogathon (donate! see the side bar!) committee heads, I replied “just tell me where to go & what time to be there.” Yeah. I’m a bit overwhelmed this week. My current class ends tomorrow. When it’s done, I have four classes and my capstone left, and then I’ll be the Master!
    or maybe more like:
  2. I am excited to have a homework free weekend and hope the weather cooperates. I have running and biking and running and gardening plans.  So far, it’s looking pretty good!
  3. Thursdays are the last day of my workweek, and they are invariably crazy. I am planning on managing the crazy today by having the architect pick me up from work (so I have to leave) and then drop me off about 3.5 – 4 miles from home (so I have to run the rest of the way home) before doing a bit of homework and then having happy hour with one of my kick-ass neighbors! Yay!


      1. Totes. That’s the whole reason I’m going on for my Ph.D., don’t you know?

        As I look at that academic regalia again, that’s Ph.D. regalia, not MA! Masters don’t get to wear a tam and the cut of the sleeves (not to mention the velvet facings) is that of a Doctor’s gown. 😛

        1. I know, but I couldn’t find a good pic & I needed to rush off. If you look now, you’ll notice that I fixed it as soon as I got back from my meeting, right after answering your last post. (This is actually a pic of the last graduating class from my program, so it’s completely accurate. Thanks, though, for calling me on my shortcut! :P)

          1. You’re entirely welcome. I suspect that many readers wouldn’t have caught the error, though. Still, I’m going to suggest that the error was an unintentional indication that you’ve plans to pursue your Ph.D. since no one really wants to just wear the plain Master’s gown.

          2. It wasn’t an error; I posted it full well knowing that it was PhD regalia, but I figured it would be a decent enough placeholder until I got back & could replace w/ something correct. I just didn’t anticipate that anyone would catch my placeholder pic so quickly. DAMN YOU! 🙂

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