I am on hiatus this week, but hope to be back next week with lots of exciting pictures, stories, shoes (I have a request for next week’s shoesday), book reviews, and whatever else I find to talk about (as well as a full explanation as to this hiatus).



5 responses to “ACK

  1. I hope you’re off doing something fun . . .

    • ha ha ha ha ha….and no. But hopefully it’s going to be good, if not fun. (Can I vague that up any more for you?)

  2. Yay hiatus…well, hopefully it’s all yay!

  3. Hi, just posting to let you know that your sibling told me that this blog is the greatest, that you are amazing and so forth. She thinks that she has nothing to say (though I am trying to convince her otherwise). Would you be so kind as to brace her up and tell her to “GET BLOGGING ASAP”?

    the Celeste Project

    • I was so confused when I first read this comment, as I couldn’t figure out how you knew my sister. It was only after extensive sleuthing (i.e. web stalking that took about 2 minutes) that I figured out that you’re friends with my sister-in-law. I will poke her with a sharp blogging stick immediately.