Three Things Thursday
Three Things Thursday

Three Things Thursday

  1. I have been eating like crap lately. Not so much that I’ve been eating bad food, but for the first time in my life, I find myself regularly forgetting to eat. It’s 10:30, and I had a soy latte for breakfast. (I hate soy lattes, by the way – I want whole milk! BUT – I am trying to be true to the non-dairy lifestyle, with the exception of last weekend, when I was a very bad dairy-eating monkey indeed.) However, I am not losing weight. I’m not gaining weight, but this suggests to me that it’s not as simple as calories in vs. calories out.
  2. I have also been exercising like crap lately. Last week – the week in which I was on vacation and had no work to do at all – I did not exercise once. I went for a run on 3/20/11, and then didn’t exercise again until 3/28/11. This is not the way to ramp up for a half marathon in 5 weeks. I did run on Monday & yoga on Tuesday, but skipped the planned Tuesday evening bike, Wednesday morning swim & Wednesday evening weights. Today is supposed to be my rest day, but I think I might have to eschew resting for some kind of activity. I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time getting back into my pre-foot injury routine. Maybe (and this JUST NOW OCCURRED TO ME) it’s because I haven’t had a regular routine for a year? It really has been a year since this whole foot thing started. And maybe it’s because I still have some foot pain & swelling? And maybe I’m just kind of an idiot & should stop reprimanding myself & making over-ambitious plans, and just try to sneak back into it gradually?
  3. I feel so beige lately. I drive a beige car & live in a beige house & kind of feel (after spending 20 minutes last night explaining to the architect how I develop budgets at work as a lead in to a dramatic work story) that my job is beige. Maybe I should just move to the suburbs & buy a station wagon & go gently into that good night.  Or, maybe, I should just spend some time eating right & exercising & getting some sun & I’ll feel all better.



    1. The sun is supposed to shine AGAIN today – with temps above 60 for the second day in a row (and yesterday ended the longest streak w/o a 60 degree day since Portland started keeping records).

      I hope you’re having warmer sunny weather, too! I just want to wear skirts and sandals and not freeze my ass off!

  1. 1. your adopting a non-dairy lifestyle? on purpose? what about all that cheese making? Is this an experiment?

    2. I wouldn’t say your an idiot, but I think you hit the nail on the head with the word gradual. Although, I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum. I could, and probably should, step it up a bit.

    3. I don’t live in the suburbs, but I do drive a station wagon and my house is mostly beige. And the idea of making budgets sounds fun. I like beige 😉

    1. 1. It was my nutritionist’s idea – she thinks I have a dairy intolerance. I think she smokes crack. I’m doing it for six weeks to prove her wrong! Except, that the longest I’ve gone w/o cow dairy in a row so far is 3 days. And then I forget. Because cheese is awesome!

      2. I keep trying to make all these grand workout plans & then when it doesn’t work out (ha!) I just give up. So, I need to do more than I’m doing, but I need to not try to do it all.

      3. I waved at you the other day when we were driving home & passed the sign pointing to your town!

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