So – I wore high heels on Friday night. For about 8 hours. Except for that period of time that I thought it would be more appropriate to be barefoot. In March. At a bar. In Seattle. Yeah. ANYWAYS! It was the first time since my surgery that I’d worn heels for any length of time.

And Saturday – I could barely put shoes on. In fact, after wearing shoes all day, I had to wear FLIP FLOPS to dinner. At a restaurant. In Seattle. In March. Flip flops. Granted, they were shiny silver flip flops, but still. That is not how I roll, people. Next thing you know, I’ll be buying Crocs & then I’ll just have to make fun of myself!

So – when I went to to find inspiration for today’s shoesday presentation, I was struck (not literally) with the shoe headline in the lower left corner: comfort shoes.

Along with that comfort shoe line was a picture of this:

Naya 'Fandanga' Open Toe Leather Slingback

I could TOTALLY get behind the comfort of that.

So – today is shoes that are promised to be comfortable, and will, in theory, not cause me to cancel two days in a row of running and make me wear flip flops. In public.

Kork-Ease 'Deborah' Sandal

These are very springy, a great soft green color AND they are (in theory) comfortable. I really like the casual elegance of the details and I really want it to be springy enough outside to wear open-toed shoes!


Cole Haan 'Air Natalie' Open Toe Slingback

These are great, more formal looking spring shoes. I would totally wear these at work, or out for a drink after. Again, I like the criss-cross details.


Softspots 'Laconia' Wedge Sandal

These are super springy – perfect for a sunny happy hour outside, a quick walk around the garden, or a casual day at work. I love the color, the cork heel, and they do look so soft & comfy, right?


Børn Crown 'Divinity' Sandal

I love suede, but only have one pair of suede shoes (and they’re not even blue!) due to the fact that sued + rain = yuck. But – this has such a nice heel, and a fun bow, that I’m a little tempted…


These next two I love due to the shiny & the peep toe & the wee platform. These are my type of shoes. Now, if only I could a) afford (the Cole Haan ones, the others are in my price range) or b) squish my (still) swollen tootsie into them.

Söfft 'Ramona II' Peep Toe Pump

See? Shiny! Platform! Great heel! Not too expensive! But maybe too narrow for the Damian-less foot.  I think I need to have a moratorium on online shoe shopping for awhile…



Cole Haan 'Air Mariela' Pump

The only thing I don’t love about these is the color. There’s nothing WRONG with the brown (or the other choices, which are beige & black), but I’d love these in red. The skinny little heel makes me so happy, as does the belief that I could wear these all night without wanting to hack my feet off the next day….however, the part where they’re over $300 makes me think that they are definitely not an online purchase at this time.


I hope your feet feel like they’re floating on little clouds after that! I’m not going to like, while I was looking through the 9 pages of shoes that Nordstroms deemed “comfort” shoes, there were a few that I was like, “ooooh!” and then realized that they were Danskos. I am not ready to do that yet, even if I am wearing a pair of Danskos right now! (Oh, the shame.) But – look! some really are cute, right?  RIGHT?

Don’t leave! I promise I won’t switch to all clog shoesdays….

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