I am back, with 75% less fishy rage!

People! So many things happened since last I rapped at you!

Can you even believe that I haven’t blogged in almost a week? WTF?!? After all, what was I even doing last week that could tear me away from blogging?

Well, for starters, there was this:




And this:

This will soon be cheese!

Finished Chevre



And this:

Brine for the chicken

Fancy brine for my chicken.


And this:

Sage white wine mustard ingredients The Ginger Garlic Mustard ingredients ginger, garlic & peppercorns Mustard seeds Little jars of mustard

Mustard (two kinds – oooh, fancy!)


And then, there was this:

Seattle Sunset Seattle skyline Troll! Gasworks Park View from our hotel room

Trip to Seattle! Good food, good friends, good times.


And now? Back at the office. *sigh*

Oh – and back to school *double sigh*

But this week we’ll also be back to shoesday, and book review Wednesday, and DIY-day (do you want mustard, bacon, or cheese for your DIY-day this week?).

And this weekend, there will be sausage making!  And naturescaping! And likely lots of homework!

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