I Was an Ill-Tempered Sea Bass

When last I left you, I was stressed out (and so, apparently, were some of you after reading about my adventures).

Rest assured, it gets better!

My appointment with the nutritionist was lovely, even thought she did recommend cutting dairy out of my diet & suggesting that I might have a dairy intolerance. I said I would give it a go for six weeks. No cheese. No butter. (No milk or ice cream or yogurt, either, but already avoid those things.)

Then, I drove BACK to the pharmacy.


You may remember from yesterday’s lesson that Portland is divided into 5 quadrants (I know, that doesn’t make sense, but it’s all true). The dividing line between East & West is the Willamette River. There are a lot of bridges here in Portland (totally typed Poetland – that’s kinda funny). Many of them are draw bridges, as we have a decent amount of ship traffic. Some of them are just super high (the freeway bridges & the St. Johns Bridge). I have a nearly debilitating fear mild phobia about accidentally driving off a really high bridge & plunging to my death. Also, I once heard that the guy who designed the Fremont Bridge won’t drive over it because it was not built to his specifications & he feels that it is unsafe, much like that bridge in Minneapolis that fell down a few years ago.

Because I live in a town with a river and a bunch of bridges, I have worked hard to get over my phobia. I will drive over the St. Johns Bridge (I get through it by pretending that we’re very, very low), and the Marquam Bridge (especially on the lower deck).

So, when I tell you that my journeys last Friday resulting in me driving on the Fremont Bridge THREE TIMES – twice on the high upper deck where I could just careen into space & DIE! –  and the St. Johns Bridge three times (less stressful, but still), I want you to know that I was, indeed, feeling even more stressed out than just the anxiety of being constantly late can cause).


Fortunately, when I got back to the pharmacy, they’d obtained my insurance information & were able to give me my drugs right away. That was pleasing. Unforunately, it was too late. I was already cranky.

When I got home, the architect was already there. BUT, had he psychically intuited my mood and made a martini to ease the stress? NO! He was on the bike trainer. Exercising. And he did not immediately hop off & offer to sooth the savage beast (me) with offers of martinis and fancy cheeses.

Bastard, right? I told Facebook that I was, indeed an ill-tempered sea bass (and some people hinted that I might have posted that AFTER drinking, when alas! that’s just how my mind works, regardless of amount of alcohol imbibed).

After he got off the trainer, I made him go out for pizza with me, because, well, I’d already had cheese at lunch – might as well have a last hurrah, right?

Two slices & a couple beers later, and I was less ill-tempered.

The rest of the weekend was good, if a little less dramatic. Saturday morning, I headed over to Emily’s for some garden talk & breakfast, then went to the eye doctor for new glasses, and spent the afternoon hoeing. My shoulders & back are pretty sore from all that work!

Sunday I went for a lovely run in Forest Park (4.5 miles! New distance record!) and then the architect & I made another batch of IPA.


Yesterday was mustard making & a foot therapy appointment (turns out that instead of a mild supination, which I’ve always had on both feet, the right (surgery) foot is now pronating. So my left foot rolls out, and my right foot rolls in. Add to that my extreme hyperextension, and you pretty much have a recipe for running injury (and that probably explains why running has caused so my stress on my muscles/ligaments lately).

My PT exercises for the next two weeks include (this is not a lie): practicing standing up with straight legs. Apparently, the therapist was not surprised that I’m clumsy – how could I be anything but when I can’t even straighten my legs without practice! I am also to practice keeping my feet flat on the ground. It’s a wonder I’m ever upright at this point! (Oh, sometimes I wish my parents didn’t read this blog…I have a comment here.)

ANYWAYS! Now we are all caught up. Today (Tuesday), I have plans! And, I will take pictures.  And there will be some serious domestic badassery going down in the house (hizzle?).

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