I Didn’t Kill Anyone on Friday!

People! It is 9 AM. I am sitting at home in my pajamas. I’ve had coffee and breakfast and life is so good! Even though my last day of work before vacationwas Thursday, and my last day of school before vacation was Friday, today is teh first day that really FEELS like vacation, because typically on Mondays I go to work.

Friday did NOT feel like a vacation. It was just one of those no good very bad days from the start.

I had a doctor’s appointment at 9 AM. I did not set an alarm, because dudes – 9 AM!

Guess what time I woke up? If you guessed 9 AM, give yourself a cookie. I actually think I might deserve a cookie, because I got to my appointment by 9:17 AM. I even got dressed & brushed my teeth & poured a cup of coffee and STILL got there by 9:17.

BUT – it was too late. I could not be seen. Fortunately, they were able to reschedule me for 11:45 AM. So, I went back home, finished up my coursework for the quarter, and then went back to the doctor. A prescription was needed, but I didn’t want to go to  my regular pharmacy, so I had them send it to the pharmacy by my house that I’d never before visited.

After my appointment, I grabbed lunch & then went to my volunteer gig.

I finished up volunteering at about 4. I knew I had another appointment (with a nutritionist, part of a Groupon deal) at 5:45.

***brief segue to explain Portland to out of towners***

Portland is divided into five parts. Quadrants, actually, except there are five, and not four.

There’s northeast, southeast, northwest, southwest, and north. North is the bastard step-child of Portland. It is also where I live. So – my ‘scrip is in North Portland.  My volunteer job is in NE Portland. My 5:45 pm appointment is in SE Portland. I have 1 hour & 45 minutes before my next engagement and I don’t know what time new pharmacy closes. Five seems a reasonable guess.

So, I drove to North Portland. They tried to charge me $OH-HELL-NO for my prescription. It was determined that they didn’t have my insurance information. AND, it turns out that somewhere I have a separate pharmacy insurance card that isn’t my dental insurance or my health insurance. I’m fairly certain that was something I forgot to have replaced after my wallet was stolen last summer, because I didn’t know it existed.

The nice lady at the pharmacy said she could call & get the information so I could have my drugs at <$WTF!

So, I sat in the pharmacy & read. After a while I said to myself, “Self! You should really double-check that your next appointment is at 5:45.”

So, I checked on my Google Calendar (on my phone) where I store all appointments.

The Calendar said that the appointment was at 4:45.

I looked at the clock. The clock said 4:22.

That is not a lot of time to get from N to SE.

I verified that the pharmacy was open ’til 9, told them I’d be back for my drugs, and tore out of there. I drove like a decently cautious, but slightly aggressive bat out of hell. I got stuck in traffic. Lots of people on the freeway anxious to start their weekends and completely oblivious to the fact that they SUCK and should get out of my way, because obviously my rush to my appointment is hella more important than their rushes to whatever they were doing (probably something morally reprehensible and legally questionable…I’m assuming).

I get to my appointment late (of course), which is pretty much par for the day’s course.

I parked about 2 blocks away so I wouldn’t have to look for parking, and then sprinted (more or less) to the door. I walked in panting & anxious. The receptionist asked who I was there to see, I blanked, but told her my name. And she said:

“Oh! You’re early! Your appointment isn’t until 5:45.”

And scene.

(Weekend report TBD, but I have another appointment in a half hour, and am going to try to be on time this week.)


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