March 2011 Goals

February goal recap!

February 2011 Goals

  1. Lose 3-4 lbs – FAIL! Although I did not GAIN any weight. And did, in fact, actually lose a measly little pound. I blame my birthday & slowing metabolism. Or, my birthday & increased beer drinking + cake.
  2. Run 3 continuous miles – SUCCESS! I ran three trail miles on 2/21/11 and three treadmill miles on 2/28/11
  3. Weights – 4x this month! – FAIL! Although I did make it ONCE this month, which was the first time in ages, so only a little tiny fail.
  4. Get the garden 100% planned out & the early stuff planted – mostly SUCCESS! The garden plan is done for 2011, but I didn’t plant the early stuff, due to the cold weather & record lows. Everything has been purchased & is ready to plant, though – just waiting for a dryish, not too cold weekend!
  5. Get the house & yard spring-cleaned and ready for action – mostly SUCCESS! The house was cleaned. And then messied again. But, it’s in pretty good shape for now.
  6. New mattress & furnishings for our fancy new guest room – mostly SUCCESS! The mattress has been purchased & will be delivered next Friday and the guest room will be decorated after that.
  7. Upstairs storage solutions DONE – FAIL! I have not yet figured out what to do about our nearly complete lack of storage. Each bedroom has a closet, but we have no coat closets or linen closets, so everything is kind of just shoved into the office & guest bedroom closets, and (as I found out when looking for a folder of writing samples) nearly inaccessible unless you have a lot of patience and numerous curse words at your disposal. This needs more work/thought/application of “STORAGE” magazine.
  8. Pool – 4x – FAIL! But, I did get there once, so better than nothing, right? RIGHT?
  9. Continue the detox theme with having only limited caffeine, sugar, wheat, dairy & alcohol (great start this morning when I left my coffee on the kitchen counter as I rushed out to catch the bus!) – ha ha ha….see item #10.
  10. Turn 34 (got to have one place where I know I’ll succeed, right?) – SUCCESS! Yay!

February 30 day challenge

Meditate every day; even if it’s a crappy meditation. Even if it’s only for 5 minutes. At the end of every meditation, take a moment to be grateful for everything that I have.

This wasn’t too bad. I meditated 16 days out of 28. I didn’t meditate on any Saturdays or Sundays, and only two Fridays (I don’t work on Fridays). I also didn’t meditate on my birthday. I’m going to consider this a success and continue to make this part of my life – and add in Fridays for March.

February Training in Review

I completed weeks 5-8 of the C25K, and logged a total of 26.58 miles of walking & running.

I biked a sad one time for a total of 10 miles

I swam only once – boo! – for 1200 yds

I attended 4 yoga classes, lifted weights once, and went to one scary boxing class of death & doom.


March 2011 Goals

  1. Lose 3-4 lbs (This will be a goal every month until I reach my eventual goal of 20 lbs total – 4 down, 16 to go!)
  2. Run my first race in 11 months (ZOMG!) in under 30 minutes.
  3. Weights/Yoga/Swim/Bike – 16x this month (with my 15 planned runs, that should be an average of a work/day)
  4. Get early stuff planted & the initial long-term site plan started
  5. Make bacon.
  6. Finish guest room fancifying
  7. Upstairs storage solutions DONE 
  8. Make cheese – I am going to re-try the cheddar & make some queso blanco. And, if I feel fancy, I want to try feta.
  9. Meditate 20 days for a MINIMUM of 10 minutes per day.
  10. Get my awesome new prints framed & hung in the kitchen

March 30 day challenge

I will take one picture every day & upload it to my Flickr site. Feel free to ignore the pope placeholder pic. Unless you don’t want to.

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