Birthday weekend of splendiferousness (now with photos!)

So – I may have mentioned that it was my birthday. Once – perhaps twice. Certainly not with the alarming regularity with which it came up last year.  🙂

I took (or rather had the architect take) photos at my actual birthday drinks event on Friday night, but neglected to download them from the camera. Perhaps because I had just found my camera cord & downloaded three months worth of pics last Thursday and was completely wiped out.

The one thing I did not do in my happy four-day weekend is exercise. At all. Not even once. (Well, except yesterday, so I guess once.)

BUT – I do have pics of all my awesome presents!

The weekend (for me) started Wednesday night. French 75? Yes please, bartender! (Bartender = me. I am remarkably accommodating to myself.)



Thursday morning, I was ready for the SNOWPOCALYPSE OF DOOM! I was hoping that maybe we’d be a little snowed in, just enough that the architect wouldn’t go into work, but enough that I could still make it downtown for my birthday lunch.

Alas, as snowpocalypses go, it was not very snowpocalypsy:


Yes, that is blue sky for the snowpocalypse. And in case you think maybe we have feet of snow impeding our paths:


Yeah….not so much.

BUT – at least I got to go to Rogue & have my free birthday beer! (And get my birthday shirt.)

I was not expecting my free beer to be so very large….


Somehow, though, I managed to get through.

After recovering from lunch, I managed to be lazy for several hours, and then, the gifts started arriving!

IMAG0189 IMAG0205

Yay! La Creuset baking dishes from my sister in law (and family) and a set of fun mixing bowls from my sister!

I also received a Borders gift card and spent it immediately on this:


Oh yeah – there will be fancy cakes in my future! Thanks, Mom & Dad!

After awhile, the architect got home, and I got to open my gift from him. I was shocked (SHOCKED) to find this in the package:

Yay! Nook!

We went out to my favorite local bar for soup, sandwiches & beer!

Friday, I had ANOTHER day off. So awesome! I spent the morning being lazy (again!), and then went to my volunteer gig. After returning home, I made a cake (lemon, with raspberry filling & lemon glaze frosting – yum) and then prettied myself up for my happy hour.

Although the happy hour pictures are not available, I do have pics of some of the awesome gifties I got!

Cake decorating kit AND a deluxe cherry pitter! Woo! Candy! (And a Starbucks card) GIN and brandy - yum! POPE CANDLE!

Isn’t the pope candle awesome? Aren’t you jealous?

I had such a great time for my birthday. Thanks for the gifts, the beers, and the nachos!


Saturday morning, I got up, had some cake for breakfast, and went to a rain garden workshop at the Expo Center, and then to the Home & Garden show with a friend from the internets.

It was interesting, and I immediately signed up for a naturescape class & a site planning 101 class.  My yard & garden are going to be AWESOME!

I did nothing the rest of the day.

Sunday, I slept in ’til almost 10 (all that lazing had worn me out). Then, I made the architect go have brunch with me. Then (ready for this shock?): I lazed.

Finally, I got on the bike trainer at about 5 last night & did a brisk 10 miles. (I needed something to burn off all the cake & beer…)

Such a great birthday weekend, and I’m still feeling pretty good about it all, even if I did have to go back to work today!  I wish every weekend was a four-day weekend! (Who am I kidding, if it wasn’t for my fondness for that paycheck, I’d wish every weekend was a 7 day weekend.)

Now – if only I can make it through the next three weeks before my week-long vacation, timed conveniently to coincide with my spring break!

(I’m thinking it’ll be some kind of crazy spring break weekend! Woo!)

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